Monitoring of temperature and humidity in the food industry is expected across the entire production process including manufacture, processing, packaging, transporting, storage of food and food service. As this is carried out in different environments, it’s essential to find the right data logger for your specific requirements.

Incorrect temperature and humidity monitoring can lead to huge wastage; a costly price to pay for not using the correct technology. Find out how Andrew’s of Hadleigh averted stock losses by implementing the correct temperature monitoring technology – Read the Andrew’s of Hadleigh case study here.

Klipspringer’s comprehensive range of temperature and humidity data loggers covers many applications and is a great labour-saving tool. As BRC states, temperature monitors or 'a system of recorded manual temperature checks, typically on at least a 4-hourly basis' can be used.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring 

Wireless temperature monitoring has transformed how businesses are able to monitor temperature and humidity. Benefits of this next generation monitoring technology include real time 24-hour monitoring, instant alarms and notifications via email, phone and SMS.

Klipspringer offers two industry-leading wireless temperature and humidity monitoring technologies, SenseAnywhere and WatchmanOne. 


SenseAnywhere uses a cloud-based system to wirelessly communicate real time temperature and humidity monitoring.

Key Features

  • 24/7 real time monitoring – gives you a complete audit trail
  • Instant alarms – receive notifications via email or text
  • Easy to install – no cables or software and only takes 10 minutes to set up
  • Easy to maintain- no back-ups required and sensors have a 10-year battery life


  • Useful for multi-site functions
  • Transportation for short, frequent journeys


The next generation of real time, wireless environmental monitoring for any size application.

Key Features

  • 24/7 real time monitoring - give you a complete audit trail
  • Versatile – allows for up to 150 monitoring points measuring any combination of parameters you require
  • Advanced analytics and report functionality
  • As little as 1 minute recording intervals


  • Useful for projects involving a large variety of sensors, with multiple sensors within one location

Multi-Use Temperature Monitoring 

Multi-purpose temperature recording devices are ideal for a broad range of food preparation and storage environments.


Versatile loggers suitable for environmental, in-transit and in-process monitoring.

Key Features

  • Minimum compliance with industry standards for storage, processing and transportation of raw and finished product
  • Memory capacity of 40,000 samples
  • Can record continuously for 416 days


  • Ideal for low cost continuous monitoring and documentation of temperature and humidity in static storage, refrigerators and deep freeze rooms, and for the transportation of sensitive products

USB Data Loggers

With features and reporting facilities ahead of comparable USB Loggers, the LEBI-300 and LEBI-310 are designed to monitor temperatures in cool rooms, cold stores, display fridges and freezer cabinets.


Designed for transport and storage applications where the use of software and an interface is not practical. 

Key Features

  • Tamper proof
  • USB interface eliminates the need for additional interface
  • PDF reports created at the destination with no additional software required


  • Transport monitoring
  • Storage monitoring


Greater temperature range and increased accuracy compared to the LEBI-300.

Key Features

  • Tamper proof
  • Easy use through automatic PDF report generation, direct USB readout and configuration
  • Eliminate costly and time consuming IQ/OQ procedures through standard report processes


  • Transport monitoring
  • Storage monitoring

Single-Use Data Loggers

Single-use data loggers provide cost-saving continuous temperature monitoring during the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.


Tempmate was specifically designed for temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics. As a pre-programmed device, Tempmate loggers provide instant information on collected temperature data in storage or transport.

Key Features

  • Small and light design, ideal for small packages
  • Can monitor continuously for 110 days, with 10 minute intervals
  • Direct PDF report, no further software or hardware required


  • Suitable for cold chain logistics


The ideal companion for accompanying temperature sensitive products in both storage and transport.

Key Features

  • Automatically creates a PDF report detailing important temperature curve data
  • Special software is not required
  • FDA compliant


  • Chill chain distribution
  • Ambient distribution
  • Logistics

In-Process Data Logging

High accuracy data loggers with powerful reporting and evaluation software, providing solutions for in-process temperature monitoring.

Phoenix TM Logger System

The Phoenix Logger System is an in-process multi-channel temperature profiling system designed to measure exact product temperatures as it passes through harsh cooking, chilling and freezing processes

Key Features

  • Can be used in harsh conditions
  • Thermal barrier range provides enhanced levels of thermal and mechanical protection for the data logger inside the process.
  • Thermocouples are manufactured using the highest quality materials
  • Real time data analysis


  • Ensures essential thermal process control and validation requirements are met
  • Assists with process optimisation, troubleshooting as well as product development


Small precision logger crafted from stainless steel for both casing and probe, providing strength and endurance.

Key Features

  • Delivers rapid calculation of both F and PU values
  • Records critical information in deep freeze, cook and chill and shock frosting processes


  • Suitable for temperature monitoring during sterilisation and pasteurisation

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