Visual Management

You may understand, but how clear is your message to those who need to take action?

Within the food and beverage industry, additional product lines, new product launches or simply just an upscale in production often means running at increased capacity and higher risks.

Additional temporary staff and new procedures mean there are perhaps unfamiliar instructions which must be followed.

90% of all information which reaches the human brain is visual. Not only can visual information be processed faster, the retention and comprehension rates are significantly higher than text-based or verbal instructions.

How can you use visual management to improve compliance?

Did you know?

Klipspringer's has state of the art in-house print facilities that allow quick turnaround on bespoke visual management solutions.

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Improve Compliance
Improve Compliance

Klipspringer's state of the art in-house print facilities allow quick turnaround on bespoke visual management solutions, tailored to your factories requirements.

Implementing bespoke signage and visual management in your factory with Klipspringer could not be easier. Follow our simple three step procedure below to obtain a proposal you can be sure will meet the exact needs of your application.

1. Choose your message

What instruction do you wish to convey? From instruction boards to decision trees, and process flows and visual quality reference boards, the options are endless.

Choose Your Message

2. Choose your material

A range of materials and options are available from heavy duty Composite aluminium board to high tack adhesive vinyl. It depends on what surface you’re fixing to.

Choose Your Material

3. Choose your size

As each item is made to measure, Klipspringer can print your signage in any size from 100mm up to 2000mm square! Simply specify the size you require.

Choose Your Size

More about the materials

  • High gloss, flexible PVC with high tac self-adhesive backing.
  • Suitable for most smooth, dry and clean surfaces.
  • Ideally suited for indoor use.
  • 6mm double sided, PVC coated board.
  • PVCU core.
  • Impregnated with anti-bacterial agent.
  • Closed-cell structure makes it impervious to moisture ingress.
  • 3mm pure aluminium composite with polyurethane core.
  • Fully traceable (no recycled content cadmium or lead).
  • Extremely rigid and impervious to moisture ingress.
  • Brilliant white anti fade acrylic lacquer finish.
  • Hardwearing – good for internal and external applications.
  • Versatile, high-performance 0.85mm magnetic sheet.
  • High power-to-weight ratio for excellent attachment to all ferrous surfaces.
  • Suitable for curved surfaces.

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