WatchmanOne Velocity

Following in the footsteps of Klipspringer’s successful WatchmanOne system, we are pleased to introduce the next generation, WatchmanOne Velocity.

Real time monitoring 24/7 monitoring gives you complete peace of mind and compliant audit trail. Receive notification as soon as any sensor exceeds the specified tolerances.
Versatile As a modular system, you can add, remove or relocate monitoring sensors at any time without the need for a qualified engineer.
No fees No ongoing software and licensing renewal fees.

Did you know?

WatchmanOne Velocity allows you to have up to 150 monitoring points measuring any combination of parameters you require.

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WatchmanOne Velocity Temperature
WatchmanOne Velocity Humidity
WatchmanOne Velocity Energy
WatchmanOne Velocity Door Contact
WatchmanOne Velocity Pulsed
WatchmanOne Velocity Concentration
WatchmanOne Velocity Digital Input
WatchmanOne Velocity Linear
(0-10V, 4-20mA)

Real time monitoring in 5 simple steps

WatchmanOne Velocity 1. Base Station: The base station forms the hub of your monitoring system. Programme sensors, review system status, and action alarms from here. Requires power and data supply.
2. Wireless Sensors: With an impressive wireless range of up to 1000m free space and battery powered, sensors can be placed almost anywhere.
3. Repeaters: Extend the reach of your system by using wireless repeaters to increase signal strength.
4. Alarms: In the event of an alarm, receive notification by email, phone, SMS and other methods.
5. Reporting: Log in to your system from any PC or tablet to review data, analyse reports and update settings.
WatchmanOne Velocity

WatchmanOne Velocity Alarms & notifications

If the received data falls outside the defined parameters the base station activates an alarm notification. The software can be configured to generate audible warnings, email, SMS text, trigger beacons and auto diallers and send alarm notifications over IP to 3rd party alarm companies.

Users acknowledge alarms using their passcodes and can add multiple notes to each alarm to detail any actions that have been taken.

All alarm notifications, user acknowledgments and action notes are time stamped and recorded to provide a full audit trail.

WatchmanOne Velocity Data analysis & reports

A powerful graphing tool allows data from different sensors to be overlaid and viewed over different time periods. Data can also then be printed or exported to a CSV file.

In addition to the graphing tool, the system can provide reports to aid with legislative requirements. Reports are created in a PDF format which can be printed and saved. All reports and exported data are date stamped and carry the user’s name and electronic signature.

The system can produce reports including an overview report which lists all sensors; or detailed reports showing each sensor, maximum and minimum values reached, tabular and graphical representation of the data and any alarm notifications for that period.

WatchmanOne Velocity Data security

For added data security Velocity* has daily automatic data back-up to an integrated industrial grade micro SD card, providing 100% data backup. Both normal and backup data can be viewed seamlessly within the system.

In addition Velocity* has an integrated battery back-up as standard to provide up to 12 hours operation in case of a power loss, protection against any loss of data.

*Additional data features available with WatchmanOne Velocity only (excludes Velocity Lite).

Why choose WatchmanOne Velocity

  • Wireless
  • No renewable licensing
  • Tiered user structure
  • Up to 20 password protected users
  • Instant alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Modular - simple to add or relocate sensors as requirements change
  • As little as 1 minute recording intervals
  • Roaming sensor for in-transit data
  • Protected from other wireless devices

WatchmanOne Velocity

WatchmanOne Velocity No server
or dedicated
WatchmanOne Velocity No ongoing
costs or
licensing fees
WatchmanOne Velocity Fully web
no software
WatchmanOne Velocity Inbuilt
reporting and
graphing tools
WatchmanOne Velocity Long range
WatchmanOne Velocity User
5 year battery
WatchmanOne Velocity Battery
and data
WatchmanOne Velocity Vast array
of sensor

Sensor options

WatchmanOne Velocity allows you to have up to 150 monitoring points measuring any combination of parameters you require. Below are the most popular sensors:

  • Internal and external sensors.
  • Range from -200o...+200oC.
  • As accurate as ±0.5oC.
  • Roaming sensors record temperatures on the move (e.g. trailers) and transmit to base station when back within range.
  • Constantly monitor humidity up to 85%.
  • Ensure refrigerant gas levels do not present a health and safety risk.
  • Identify system leaks as early as possible to minimise wastage.
  • E.g. monitoring door opening events in conjunction with temperature to identify cost saving opportunities and operational irregularities.
  • Monitor energy consumption patterns and combine with other sensors to identify potential cost savings.
  • 1 minute logging interval.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Battery life > 5 years.
WatchmanOne Velocity

Specification Velocity Velocity Lite
Data & Data Storage
Internal Memory Storage Period 150 sensors 6 months, 75 sensors 1 year, 30 sensors 2 years 20 sensors 4 years
Back-Up Memory Storage Period 150 sensors 2 years, 75 sensors 4 years, 30 sensors 8 years -
Back-Up Frequency Automatic - daily -
Battery Back-Up Yes No
Maximum Number of Sensor Inputs 150 wireless or hardwired sensors per base station* 20 wireless or hardwired sensors per base station*
*Sensors, wireless transmitters and hardwired connectors available separately.
Existing 433Mhz DataCentre sensors are compatible with all Velocity Base Stations.
Resolution of the Sensor Readings Integer to 3 decimal places as required Integer to 1 decimal place as required
Users & Security
Max Number of Users 20 5
Network Connectivity Yes Yes
System Alarms
Set Points Upper & Lower Warning and Critical Alarm Set Points Upper & Lower Warning and Critical Alarm Set Points
Alarm Delays User defined User defined
Audible Alarm Yes Yes
Alarm Email Yes Yes
Alarm Acknowledge Yes Yes
Alarm Notes 20 notes per alarm 5 notes per alarm
Relay Outputs 2 2
Alarms over IP Up to 3 IP Address Up to 3 IP Address
Micro USB Output Yes Yes
Mini Din Input for External Hardwired Yes Yes
Universal 5v DC power adaptor - Yes Yes

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