Coronavirus Statement

In line with best business practice, Klipspringer is closely monitoring the impact of Coronavirus on our supply chain in order to continue to support our customers with uninterrupted supply. 

Active steps are being taken to mitigate any potential risk. We will release statements as necessary on this webpage.  Please click the "+" symbol below to view the statement.
With the United Kingdom now in another national lockdown from 6th January 2021, Klipspringer continues to closely monitor any effects that this could have on our supply chain and valued business partners across the UK and Ireland. 

In line with government guidance, all Klipspringer staff who can work from home are doing so, with no impairment to our usual high standards of customer service. Any staff who are not able to work from home - including warehouse, despatch, production, laboratory and service team members – are following stringent measures designed to minimise contact and risk. These measures have been further strengthened given the increased transmission rate of the new virus variant, to ensure their safety and avoid disruption to service levels. 

Equipment despatched from Klipspringer’s laboratory and service departments continues to be sanitised before despatched. Thanks to close supply chain management, stock levels of all core items remain strong, as does our commitment to same-day despatch on all orders placed for stock items before 4pm. 

Despite limited face-to-face opportunities to engage with customers on-site, Klipspringer’s sales, customer service and technical teams are widely using virtual communication tools, including video meetings and product demonstrations, along with the usual channels such as phone, email and live chat, with excellent customer feedback. 

Should you have any questions or queries, please contact the Klipspringer team on +44(0) 1473 461800 and we will be very happy to assist further.

This statement supersedes the statement issued 25th March 2020.

Pete Carlyon
Director, Klipspringer Ltd

7th January 2021

Klipspringer has invested significantly in increasing stock holding to 16 weeks supply.  We have put systems in place to ensure all orders for stock items received by 4pm are despatched same day. 

We remain in regular contact with our nationwide network of couriers.  Due to the current challenges they face, we are not able to offer any guaranteed or timed delivery services (pre-9, pre-10:30, pre-12, guaranteed next day).  

Should you require a specific delivery service please speak to the Klipspringer team on +44(0)1473 461 800 who will do their best to assist.  

This statement is in addition to the updated statement issued 18th March 2020. 

For the most recent statements and updates from Klipspringer relating to Coronavirus, please visit 

Michael Smith
Operations Director

25th March 2020

On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation characterised the outbreak of COVID-19 as an international pandemic.

The situation continues to evolve at a rapid pace with governments across the globe updating advice regularly. A task force consisting of key management has been set up to coordinate Klipspringer’s response. This includes keeping abreast of all UK government requirements.

The key updates/clarifications following the last Klipspringer company statement dated 1st March 2020 are as follows:

  1. Stock of all ‘core’ products stored in our Ipswich distribution centre is being increased to 16 weeks supply. Even as the situation escalates rapidly, we do not currently envisage any delay to customer orders for standard stock products (unless specified otherwise for specific SKUs later in this statement). In the unlikely event this situation should change customers will be proactively notified by email.
  2. Klipspringer offer a number of made-to-order products (most notably shadow boards as well as some handling and storage containers). The target for delivery on all made-to-order products remains at 10-15 working days. However, we would advise customers to confirm lead-times on these products at time of ordering. 
  3. Indicative stock levels of all products can be viewed online at This is automatically updated throughout the working day. "Please enquire” indicates stock is not currently available or it is a made to order product. For accurate stock data please call +44 (0)1473 461 800.
  4. Our product range has always included a select range of antibacterial wet-wipes. Despite increased stock levels on these lines, demand has outstripped supply by more than 800% over the last fortnight. Klipspringer is now out of stock of wipe products for the foreseeable future. Please contact the sales support team on +44 (0)1473 461 800 for the latest updates. 
  5. We have received unprecedented requests for hand sanitiser. Whilst this is not a core product for Klipspringer, we have successfully secured some stocks in order to support our customers. This is available on a ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ basis. Please contact the sales support team on +44 (0)1473 461 800 for the latest stock updates.
  6. Klipspringer is implementing a work-from-home policy where all staff able to work offsite will be fully operational from home. Skeleton staff will be present at the Klipspringer premises to keep critical onsite functions running. This includes service and calibration laboratory, production and order despatch. This will not impact the service levels offered to our customers. However, we would ask for your support and cooperation as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing requires of virtual and remote offices. 

This statement supersedes the statement issued 1st March 2020.

For the most recent statements and updates from Klipspringer relating to Coronavirus, please visit

Signed on behalf of the board of directors.

Mark Carpenter
Managing Director

18th March 2020

The World Health Organisation has declared that the outbreak of 2019-nCoV – commonly known as Coronavirus – constitutes a public health emergency of international concern (30th January 2020).

As part of our standard business proceedings, Klipspringer constantly monitors our supply chain for any adverse factors which could potentially cause disruption for our clients and partners. Despite the scale of the current outbreak, the potential risk presented by the Coronavirus falls within the scope of our existing supply chain management procedures and Klipspringer can confirm that we have adequate procedures and policies in place to pre-empt and manage such situations.

At the time of this statement, less than 1% of Klipspringer’s product portfolio is sourced from countries significantly affected by the current Coronavirus outbreak. Sufficient stocks are in place to ensure our customers are not disrupted and that supply remains unaffected. Immediate steps have been taken to further increase stocks of products that may potentially be affected in future as a precautionary measure.

This situation is being kept under constant review and clients will be notified at the earliest opportunity of any disruption to products they have procured from Klipspringer within the last 12 months. In the unlikely event this becomes an issue, suitable alternatives will be recommended.

Following a comprehensive risk review, Klipspringer do not envisage any disruption for the supply of Klipspringer products as a result of Coronavirus.

For the most recent statements and updates from Klipspringer relating to Coronavirus, please visit

Signed on behalf of the board of directors.

Mark Carpenter
Managing Director

1st March 2020