Klipspringer presents a comprehensive range of temperature and humidity data logging instrumentation and equipment covering many applications, media and environments, working with direct contact or wifi. We are confident that we can deliver the right solution for your needs.  Browse our range of versatile dataloggers, available with a variety of features for different uses and environments. 

Temperature Data Loggers 

Temperature monitoring systems are essential for many food production environments.  Our range also comprises traditional paper chart recorders, alongside the TempTale4 temperature data logger – which is available in single or multi-use form and USB data loggers which require no software or interface.

Temperature Recorders 

Our Watchmanone temperature sensors offer real-time recording and are in stock, alongside the compact Lebi-11 and Tempmate, designed specifically for cold-chain logistics.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

The range below also features wireless temperature sensors designed for a variety of applications.

If you need any assistance with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly technical team on 01473 461800. We guarantee same-day despatch on orders received by 4pm.

SenseAnywhere SenseAnywhere Next generation 'plug and play' cloud based temperature and humidity logging. Monitoring environmental temperatures doesn't get easier than the SenseAnywhere system from Klipspringer... View products
LEBI-300 LEBI-300 Single and multiuse USB loggers that do not require software or interface. Simply generates pdf report when connected to PC. Probe options available. View products
LEBI-20 LEBI-20 Versatile family of loggers suitable for most basic applications monitoring CCPs, cooling curves, in storage, in transit temperatures and RH levels. View products
Chart Recorders Chart Recorders Traditional paper chart recorders for applications where connection to PC or return of reusable equipment is not an option. Indisputable hard copy evidence immediately available. View products
Micrologger Micrologger Stands taller at being smaller! Budget friendly compact data loggers suitable for a wide variety of in-process, environmental, and in transit applications. View products
WatchmanOne Velocity WatchmanOne Velocity The latest generation of Real time monitoring. Alarm notification of up to 11 parameters (including temperature) via a maximum of 120 sensors. View products
Tempmate Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger Tempmate Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger TempMate S1 loggers are specially designed for temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics. As a pre-programmed device, TempMate loggers provide instant information on collected temperature data in storage or transport. View products
LEBI-11 LEBI-11 Small precision logger crafted from stainless steel for both casing and probe, providing strength and endurance. Suitable for temperature monitoring during sterilisation and pasteurisation. View products
Phoenix TM Logger System Phoenix TM Logger System PhoenixTM multi-channel data loggers are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. It is a multi-channel temperature data logging system designed to travel through the oven, fryer or freezer measuring actual core product temperatures. View products