Detectable Pens

If maximum traceability, true peace of mind and global consistency are important to you, choose Retreeva Global detectable pens and markers from Klipspringer. 

To minimise risk, it is of utmost importance that metal detectable pens are shatter resistant and do not splinter under duress.  The Retreeva Global metal and x ray detectable pen from Klipspringer is designed with our utmost priority being “prevention before detection”. 

Check out the brief video below of the Retreeva Global detectable pen being put to the test...

Regardless of your application, Klipspringer has a detectable pen (factory pen) for your environment - for ambient areas use regular ink, for chilled environments use gel ink and for damp and greasy applications use pressurised ink - to ensure consistent flow of ink and smooth writing.

Whether you require retractable or "stick" pens, with or without pocket clip, the Retreeva Global range from Klipspringer offers you up to four ink colours, in up to four barrel colours.   

Compliance is key

The new BRC Food Issue 8 was released in August 2018 and became auditable as of February 2019. With tougher requirements, it's more important than ever for you to have compliant pens you can trust.

BRC8 ref Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimise risk of physical contamination (e.g designed without small parts and detectable by foreign body detection equipment)

There have been 209 non-conformances against the new clause as to the use of Detectable Pens since 1st February 2019. That’s 7.5% of all BRC8 audits that have taken place so far! - David Brackston, Technical Director at BRC Global Standards, May 2019. 

For everything you need to know about detectable pens and BRC8, read Retreeva's blog here.

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