Glass Breakage, Allergen and BioHazard Spill Kits

Whether it’s broken glass or an allergen, having dedicated spillage kits available on site are the key to managing an incident safely. They also prevent a huge amount of downtime, while ensuring you are compliant with BRC Food Standard Version 8 regarding handling and spillage controls.

Colour-Coded and Emergency Spillage Kits

Here at Klipspringer we stock a range of colour-coded spillage control and incident kits, including a Glass Breakage Incident Kit, Allergen Spillage Powder Kit, an Allergen Spillage Solids Kit and an Allergen Spillage Liquids Kit. Our spillage response kits are suitable for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Biohazard Spill Kits

Biohazard spillages pose a threat to anyone in their vicinity, and need to be tackled swiftly. Our bio hazard spill kits support fast and effective clean up, getting the affected area back in to use quickly.

Emergency Spill Kit

Fast and effective clean-up helps protect your staff, as well as any customers or visitors that might come into contact with the spill liquids, powders or glass/hard plastic fragments. A dedicated emergency spill kit will help your staff complete an effective clean-up operation - Fast.

Hazardous Material Incident Spill Kit

Hazardous materials kit designed to contain and clean up small chemicals spills to reduce or eliminate associated health and safety risks. All you need in one handy carrying bucket. Why not order with Spill station, which can house the kit in a prominent position, readily assessable for use when need arises.