How to assemble your SegriScreen

The Klipspringer Team has been hard at work improving SegriScreen’s signature design, now making it quicker and easier to assemble than ever before.

This versatile screening solution sits within Klipspringer’s Segri ‘Family’, providing a continuous, impenetrable barrier for over 250 factories across the UK and Ireland.

The SegriScreen has many features making it perfect for segregation within food factories:

  • Mobile screens can connect to form a continuous, connected barrier for washdown, production or maintenance use.
  • Modular system - simply add or remove as many SegriScreens as required.
  • Screens nest for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Hygienically designed for food industry applications.
  • Add bespoke print for personalised branding, safety or instruction messages.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble your SegriScreen.  

NOTE: This video shows how to assemble a Master SegriScreen, which has two sets of wheels. Additional screens can then be added, which have just one set of wheels. Additional wheel sets can be purchased if required (see here).