Nine Tips to Take Better Care of Your pH Meters and Electrodes

As the food industry’s go-to suppliers for safety and compliance, Klipspringer is pleased to offer a wide range of pH meters and pH electrodes. We also specialise in calibration, cleaning, and storage solutions to ensure that you can keep your equipment in the best condition.​

Due to the ever-evolving nature of pH measurement and electrode changes, regular calibration is required to at least two points – depending on the range of measurement required for use. This can be performed using certificated Buffer Solutions.​

By paying attention to the following simple points, you will maximise the lifetime of your electrode and also improve the accuracy of your measurement readings. ​


Tip #1 – After use, leave electrodes in Cleaning Solution for up to 60 minutes before transferring to Storage Solution. This cleaning procedure is especially important for electrodes used with high-protein products such as mayonnaise, which will otherwise build up and block the electrode junction over time.

Tip #2 – If the electrode requires additional cleaning to remove external sample material, use a soft tissue soaked in a mild detergent or methyl alcohol. Do not wipe the glass; use a dabbing technique instead.


Tip #3 – pH electrodes must always be stored wet. ​

Tip #4 – For short- and medium-term storage, soak clean electrodes in Electrode Storage Solution. ​

Tip #5 – For long term storage, fill the soaking boot with Electrode Storage Solution, fit over the end of the electrode, and seal it with parafilm.

Tip #6 – Electrodes should never be stored in deionised water, sample, solvents, hydrofluoric acid, or pH buffer solutions containing mercury-based preservatives.​​


Tip #7 – Regularly inspect the electrode’s sensitive glass membrane for cracks or chips. Never touch the electrode glass bulb with your fingers or other oily or abrasive objects.​​

Tip #8 – Reference cells should be kept topped up with Electrode Refill Solution, and connectors must be kept clean and dry.

Tip #9 – Regularly check calibration in Buffer Solutions applicable to your testing range.​​

There you have nine actionable tips to better care for your pH meters and electrodes.

As invaluable tools for maximising accuracy and extending longevity of pH equipment, these solutions are essential to safety and compliance across a range of food production environments.

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