Learn everything you need to know about adding, editing or deleting organisational units in TRAKKD.

TRAKKD - Organisational units

Navigate to Administration. When selecting this menu item, several other menu-items are shown. Select Organizational units.

The organisational unit overview is one of the most important overviews in TRAKKD. This page enables organizations to create their own organisational units, that matches how the organization works. E.g. Countries, regions, locations, departments, Etc.

You can add new organisational units in two different ways:

  • Click on Add new unit – Adding a new unit this way results in the unit being at the highest level. It will not be added underneath any other organisational unit.
  • Select an organizational unit with right click and then select Add sub-unit – Adding a new unit this ways results in the unit being added underneath the selected organisational unit.

Drag and drop organisational units to easily change the organizational structure if needed. By right clicking an organizational unit you have three options:

  • Edit – Change the name and category of the selected organisational unit.
  • Add-unit – Add a new organisational unit as explained above.
  • Delete – The organisational unit and all organisational units below the selected organisational will be deleted. All associated data will be permanently lost.

If you left-click on an organisational unit additional information is shown on the right side of the screen. We see the following tabs:

  • Members – Add users to organisational units. The users will see all checklists, documents, etc. of the selected organisational unit and all units below. E.g. an user on the highest level will see information of all sub-units.
  • External recipients – Add recipients to organizational units. Adding recipients is important for creating reports and alarms. When creating a report or configure an alarm you can add recipients. Based on the organizational unit that is selected the recipient is shown.
  • Sensors (Only available for customers with sensors) – Add sensors to organisational units. Only users that are added to the organizational unit or units above will see these sensors. The sensors will be shown in the sensor overview underneath the selected organizational unit.
  • Address – Add the address of the organizational unit. The organizational unit will be shown on the map in the dashboard as a balloon. The color of the balloon indicated the status of the organizational unit.