Learn everything you need to know about adding, editing or deleting documents in TRAKKD.

TRAKKD - Documents

Navigate to the Document Library. There are three main functionalities in the Document page:

  1. Create new categories
  2. Add new documents
  3. Manage documents

Create new categories

  • Create a new category to categorize documents. Click on Manage categories and enter the new category name. Click on Create to the category.

Adding documents

  • Add a new document by clicking on Add document at the top right of the screen. Fill in all necessary information:
    1. Title

    2. Category (which you just created)

    3. Organizational unit(s)

    4. File
  • Documents are only displayed for users who are in the same organizational units as the document. Documents are shown in the App as well.

Action documents

  • There are several actions while clicking on Actions per document:
    1. Download – Download the document as PDF-file
    2. Edit – Edit the document title, category, organizational unit and/or file
    3. Delete – Delete the file