Learn everything you need to know about pending checklists in RmoniWeb.

TRAKKD - Pending checklists

The TRAKKD platform has several menu-items that are dedicated for our digital checklists functionality. Navigate to Pending checklists. This overview contains all checklists that still have to be completed (so with checklist status Started or New). It is possible that no checklists are shown here, when all pending checklists are already completed. Based on the plans new checklists will publish again.

Click on the Start button in front of a checklist to start the checklist. If the option Allow skipping checklists is enabled in the Manage checklist overview for this checklist, an user is able to skip the checklist with an comment.

If the checklist is started, all questions are shown. Positive answers are recognized by a green check mark, while negative answers are recognized by a red cross. An action is obligated if a negative answer is given and an action was added in the Manage checklist overview. If not, the checklist can’t be completed. All questions must be answered as well, before the checklist can be completed.

Categories can be skipped by clicking the Skip category button. A comment is obligated.

The checklist can be saved at the bottom of the screen and will be synchronized in to the Cloud. The checklist can be continued on other devices from that moment on. A checklist can also be completed at the bottom of the screen, if all requirements are met:

  • All actions are entered
  • All questions (unless the category has been skipped) are entered.