Learn everything you need to know about published checklists in TRAKKD

TRAKKD - Published Checklist

The TRAKKD platform has several menu-items that are dedicated for our digital checklists functionality. Navigate to Published checklists. This page consists out of two parts:

1. Published checklist overview

This overview contains all checklists that ever have been published, regardless of whether the checklists are already completed or still needs to be completed. Several columns are shown in this overview to easily find the right information:


The name of a checklist is displayed. There is a filter on checklist category to easily find the right checklist.


A checklist can have several statuses at the same time. These are the following statuses; New, Started, Completed, Skipped, Approved, Not Completed, Partially Skipped, Exceptions and Late. Users can filter on any of these statuses. Approved checklists are generally only found in the archive.

    • New: The checklist has been published but not started yet.
    • Started: The checklist has been started, but not submitted (completed) yet.
    • Completed: All questions and answers have been answered and the checklist is submitted definitive.
    • Skipped: The checklist has been skipped entirely. This can also be accomplished by skipping all categories within a checklist
    • Approved: The checklist is approved in the Published checklist or checklist detail page.
    • Not completed: The checklist deadline has expired and the checklist has been completed automatically. This status depends on the backdating settings.
    • Partially skipped: One or more categories have been skipped and the checklist is completed
    • Exceptions: One or more questions have been answered with an answer that is not within the set norm.
    • Late: The checklist deadline has expired and the checklists will receive the status Late. The checklist still needs to be completed. This status depends on the backdating settings.


The name of the user account that started or completed the checklist is displayed.

Organizational unit

The organizational unit to which the checklist is linked is displayed.

Publication date

The publish time and date of the checklist is displayed.

Completed on

The time and date on which the checklist was fully completed and sent is displayed.

The button: Actions

When a checklist has been completed, the button Actions will be displayed. The following actions are possible with this button:

    • Delete selected checklists
    • Archive selected checklists
    • Approve selected checklists

2. Checklist Details

As soon as an user clicks on Actions and Details, the details of an checklist are shown. At the top of the screen some general information is shown:

  • Checklist name
  • Completed by (and whether it was completed in time)
  • Organizational unit
  • Publication date
  • Completion date
  • If approved: Approved by
  • If approved: Approved date

The entire checklist is shown in this overview. This means all questions, answers (with the indication whether it was positive or negative) and actions are shown. A timestamp per question is shown. If the checklist hasn’t been approved yet, there is a function to enter comments to questions or the entire checklist. The checklist can be approved at the bottom of the screen.