Learn everything you need to know about checklist reports in TRAKKD

TRAKKD - Reports Checklists

The TRAKKD platform has several menu-items that are dedicated for our digital checklists functionality. Navigate to Report overview. All current checklist report plans are shown here. Select Add report to add a new report.  A checklist report is created in four easy steps:

  1. General Data – Enter the report name. The report name is shown in the report history, the report plan overview and in the E-mails. Users can selected the checkbox Save in history to enable that all generated reports are shown in the History overview.
  2. Content – In this step the content of the report is determined. There are two different types of reports and both require different information:
    • Report with a single checklists – A report with a single checklist is used to see trends of one single checklist or specific question(s) from a checklist. The values per selected question that have been entered to completed the checklist are shown in one report for the selected period of time. Users need to select the following information:
      • Organizational unit.
      • Checklist
      • Question(s)
    • Report with multiple checklists – A report with multiple checklists is used to merge multiple checklist reports. Several KPI’s are shown at the top of this report and all selected checklist are shown in one report underneath each other. Users need to select the following information:
      • Organizational unit(s)
      • Question(s)
  3. Schedule – Select the recurrence type and the other additional information once the recurrence type has been selected, such at day, month and time.
  4. Recipients – Add recipients for the reports. Recipients can be added in the External recipient overview or per users can be selected whether they need to be a recipient or not. Selected recipients will receive the report by mail.

Checklist can be downloaded from step 2 using the Download PDF button, or users can continue to step 3 and 4 to plan the checklist and make it recurring.

Already existing report plans show all the above information when clicking on it. Furthermore, the red / green dot indicate whether the plan is active or deactivated. If an already existing report is selected it can be edited, activated/deactivated or deleted using the Actions button.