Learn everything you need to know about creating, editing or deleting roles in TRAKKD.

TRAKKD - Roles

Navigate to Roles. Several predefined roles are shown here. There are several options in the Role screen:

  1. Create a new role
  2. Filter options
  3. Actions per role
  • Create a new role
    • Creating a new role consists of two steps:
      1. Role name – Enter the role name and determine whether the role needs to be default. Default roles are assigned to users by default.
      2. Permissions – Select all access rights that are applicable for the role. Users can search on specific roles to easily select these access rights.
  • Filter Options
    • Filter on specific access rights to see which roles have those access rights enabled.
  • Actions per document
    • Select Actions per role. there are two options:
      1. Edit – A screen similar to the creating a new role is shown. Edit the role name or access right to edit the role.
      2. Delete – Delete the role. Users with this role will be left without role, meaning those user accounts do not have any access rights.

If an users changes their own permissions, the page needs to be refreshed by pressing F5. Users can’t add additional permissions to their own role unless they have the Admin role.