Learn everything you need to know about adding, editing or deleting users, recipients and recipient deviations in TRAKKD.

TRAKKD - Users

Navigate to Administration and select the Users menu item. At the top of the screen three tabs are shown:

  1. Users
  2. Recipients
  3. Recipient deviations


All users are shown in this overview. Users with access rights to the user overview will see all users regardless of where the users(s) are linked in the organizational structure. There are several options in this overview:

  1. Excel operations – Export or import users. Users can download a sample import file to easily import new users. It is important that all obligated information is entered.
  2. Create new users – Creating new users consists out of several steps:
    1. Enter all obligated information. The Email address needs to be unique and the phone number is optional. You can tick the recipient box so the user will show up as recipient when creating a report or alarm configuration.
    2. Select a role to determine which access rights the user needs to have.
    3. Add the user to one or several organizational units to determine what the user may see.
  3. Filter options / search – Search on usernames by using the search field or use one of the filter options:

    1. Filter on specific permissions

    2. Filter on role

    3. Filter on locked users

  4. Actions per users – There are several actions while clicking on Actions per user:
    1.  Edit – Edit the user details. A screen similar when creating a new user is shown.

    2. Permissions – Edit the permissions for the selected user. Editing the users permissions means deviating from the role that has been assigned to the user.

    3. Unlock – Unlock the user if their account has been locked.

    4. Delete – Delete the user from RmoniWeb.

External recipient

Navigate to the second tab External recipient. All external recipients are shown in this overview. There are several options in this overview:

  1. Create recipient – Enter all obligated information. Only the first name is obligated. Tick one or several types / destinations. Recipients for reports can only use the type “Email”, while sensor alarm recipients can use all of the types.
  2. Actions per recipient – There are several actions while clicking on Actions per recipient:
    1.  Edit – Edit the recipient details. A screen similar when creating a new recipient is shown.

    2. Delete – Delete the recipient from TRAKKD.

Recipient deviations

Navigate to the third tab Recipient deviations. This overview enabled user to block certain time periods so recipients won’t receive any reports or sensor alarms in the selected period. There are several options in this overview:

    1. Add deviation – Adding a new deviations consists out of several steps:
      1. Select a recipient
      2. Select the date range
      3. Select whether the deviation is active or not
      4. Determine whether the deviation needs to be recurring. If this is the case, the days when the deviations is recurring has to be determined. The range of the recurrence has to be entered (end date or no end date) as well.
    2. Change the calendar – Change te view of the calendar to month, week or day. You can navigate to the next month, week or day using the arrows at the left side of the screen.
    3. Edit deviation – By clicking on any already added deviation a screen will be shown similar when adding a deviation. If the deviation is recurring a pop-up will be shown first to determine if the users want to edit only the selected occurrence or all occurrences.