Interstacking Bins

Klipspringer offers a comprehensive range of colour-coded interstacking/stackable storage bins and bin lids – all roto moulded for maximum strength.

The moulded base and top rim of our stacking bins means they are easy to stack even if the lid is absent. Transporting between departments is straightforward thanks to easy engagement with dolly units.

All products are colour-coded – available in 10 colours.

Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Location lugs on interstacking bin lids make it easy to secure a bin on top, while the click-fit interstacking bin lid comes complete with a click-fit system for added security during transportation.

Naturally, we also stock interlocking bin dollies, designed and built to the highest standards for long lasting durability. These are extra-quiet when used, thanks to nylon rims on the castor wheels.

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