Klipspringer and FoodClean form an exciting partnership to collaborate on future hygiene forums

The FoodClean Experience Centre, Lincoln

Klipspringer are pleased to announce their access to FoodClean’s brand-new Experience Centre. This forms part of a new partnership between Klipspringer and FoodClean – formerly known as QJS – through which both organisations intend to enhance their positive impact on the hygiene, cleanliness, and compliance of the food and beverage industry.

What is the FoodClean Experience Centre?

Located in Lincoln, the Experience Centre is a recently constructed site where FoodClean will showcase the finest, most exciting aspects of the food safety industry. FoodClean are planning to transform the Centre into a thriving hub of food manufacturing success which cultivates discussion, collaboration, and innovation. Above all, the Experience Centre will raise the bar for hygiene standards across the food industry.

Who is FoodClean?

As a family-run business specialising in food manufacturing cleaning systems, FoodClean believe that every food company can achieve ultimate levels of workplace cleanliness whilst reducing the amount of energy, water, chemicals, labour, downtime, and risk involved.

Previously known as QJS, they recently rebranded as FoodClean to reflect their passion for food hygiene, and their core values of trust and integrity, share expertise, develop fast, go the extra mile, and have fun.

In line with these values, FoodClean’s team of factory hygiene specialists provide impeccable customer service and leading technical experience, epitomised by their Experience Centre. This is part of FoodClean’s wider mission: the Clean Factory Revolution.

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The Clean Factory Revolution

Innovative solutions that cover all bases are essential for guaranteeing top food hygiene levels. The Clean Factory Revolution is FoodClean’s answer to the stagnant approaches to consistency, compliance, and confidence across much of the food manufacturing industry.

FoodClean have constructed the Clean Factory Revolution around four principal areas of cleanliness:

1. Chemistry

FoodClean Chemistry is a range of specially formulated chemicals designed to complete hygiene tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

2. Equipment

FoodClean Equipment significantly enhances workplace organisational policy, optimising the hygiene processes necessary for compliant food manufacturing.

3. Protect

FoodClean Protect presents a variety of waterproof and certified chemical-resistant clothing and safety equipment.

4. Academy

The FoodClean Academy is the jewel in the Clean Factory Revolution crown. After an in-depth team consultation, FoodClean identified that relevant training on the use of cleaning systems is often lacking, and decided to launch the FoodClean Academy.

This Academy, and more generally the Clean Factory Revolution, will bring the following benefits to businesses across the food industry, including:

  • Labour efficiencies
  • Reduced costs
  • Chemical savings
  • Water savings
  • Energy savings
  • Minimal downtime
  • Better hygiene results
  • Sustainability

Klipspringer and the FoodClean Experience Centre

The professional relationship between Klipspringer and FoodClean dates back more than a decade. That’s why, when our associates over at FoodClean contacted us about the Experience Centre, we immediately recognised the opportunity to be involved something significant. Something exciting, with a long-lasting impact, which tangibly demonstrates our partnership in the industry.

At Klipspringer, our very blueprint is built around optimising organisation and maximising efficiencies. As a BRC partner, we’ve worked with the likes of Whitbread, McDonalds, Hovis, Kerry, Greggs, Compass Group, Cranswick, Müller, and Coca Cola to provide compliance with confidence.

Using the Experience Centre, we will be offering expert-led training on food safety standards and solutions, placing ourselves at the forefront of the industry. We’ll showcase exciting new products, host collaborative forums, and resolve any of your industry-related queries, drawing on our 20-plus years of wide-ranging experience.

Interested in meeting us at the Experience Centre?

Reach out to Alex Carlyon, one of our directors, at: alex.carlyon@klipspringer.com, or contact our team at: 01473 461800.