Since it's launch in 2016, the M1417 microfibre socket mop from Klipspringer has gone from strength to strength, making it one of the most popular mops available across industry, and in particular the food sector.

As always, we are constantly looking for ways to further improve our products. Thanks to your feedback, our product development team have been working over the last few months to make this unique mop even better for you.

We are pleased to launch the next generation M1419 Microfibre Socket Mop – exclusive to Klipspringer. This product is stocked in eight different colours for same-day despatch and next working day delivery!

New, stronger thread for handle

We have redesigned the thread connector for handles to make it stronger, as well as easier to fit the handle.

Should you need to apply that little bit of extra pressure to remove more stubborn residues, the M1419 allows you to do so with confidence.

This more robust design is compatible with all Klipspringer threaded handles.

Increased size for quicker mopping

Thanks to input from our team of Lean consultants, we’ve identified that a small increase in the size of the mop will help you complete your mopping requirements quicker. We’ve marginally increased the length of the mop, and changed the material weight from 170 grams to 195 grams. Whilst from an operators perspective this change is almost unnoticeable, it allows a greater area to be covered at any one time, speeding up your mopping process.

Using mops for spillage clear-up? The increased mop head size also allows for an enhanced absorption capacity!

Why use Klipspringer's Microfibre Socket Mop?

  • Traditional string and cloth socket mops move dirt and bacteria around the floor and actually pick up very little. Klipspringer’s microfibre socket mop combines the advantages of the traditional socket mop with microfibre technology – each mop strand picks up up dirt/bacteria and removes it from the floor. This leads to a much cleaner and safer floor, without any additional work!
  • Available in 8 colours to support your colour coding regime: blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, black and white.
  • Next generation M1419 microfibre socket mop the same price as its predecessor (M1417)!

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