Reduce oil use by up to 52% – without compromising food quality

The digital monitor that takes the guesswork out of oil quality checks.

Cooking oil is one of the biggest areas of consumable spend and waste for commercial kitchens. Despite this, deciding when to change fryer oil is often left to guesswork.

The result? Extreme oil wastage and over-spending on oil.

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Why use the Food Oil Monitor?

Increase oil life

Ensure food safety

Improve menu quality & consistency

Save time and de-skill oil checks

How does it work?

Oil is safe to use

Change oil soon

Oil change required

How the Food Oil Monitor saved Whitbread 52% in oil usage.

Read the Case Study

Going global - with consistent fried product quality.

Read the Case Study

Instrument stations for safe storage and team awareness.

Dedicated service and calibration support with fast turnaround.

Online tracking and reporting for multi-site visibility.

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