Food Handling & Storage Containers

Durable food contact approved handling containers in up to 11 colours.

Your go-to partner for food handling and storage solutions.

Ultimate Food Safety

The Klipspringer range has been exclusively selected for the food industry and is designed for even the most demanding production environments.

  • Tough shatterproof design
  • Fully certified for food contact use
  • 11 colour options
  • UK manufactured with large stocks for fast delivery

Designed For The Food Industry

Over 35 designs, upto 11 distinct colours

Capacity optionsfrom 8 to 455 litres

Large stockholdingfor rapid delivery

Roto-mouldedfor extreme durability

Ask about marking,taps and handle options

The Complete Food Handling & Storage Range

Stacking Trays & Crates

Interstacking Bins

Euro / Tote Bins

Ingredient Dispensers

Tapered Trucks

Tapered Bins & Tanks

Food Contact Storage Bins

Snap Shut Pails & Buckets

Storage and Handling Solutions For Every Application

More lines now stockedfor same-day despatch

Get them when and where you need them, Klipspringer’s stocked range includes all Interstacking Bins and the most popular line in Ingredient Dispensers, Tapered Trucks and Trays.

Time to showyour true colours...

11 distinct colours for all colour coding policies. Wide selection of sizes for table and floor-based requirements

Use IndeliMarkto make it personal...

The Klipspringer IndeliMark service allows you to permanently label your food handling and storage containers, using a food contact approved and hygienic method.

“I have dealt with Klipspringer for over a decade with various different companies I have worked for. Being honest, you always come back as being a top supplier in my eyes. I can’t fault your products or services. It’s a pleasure doing business with a great company such as yourselves!

Procurement, A H Worth Ltd

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