Process Logging

Doesn't haveto be complicated

Introducing the Klipspringer Process Logger

Klipspringer are pleased to utilise our deep understanding and experience of temperature measuring and monitoring in the food industry to bring you this professional process validation logger.

Whether your application is static or travelling, high or low, oven, fryer or freezer – the Klipspringer process logger is a fuss-free, straight-forward solution with a no-frills approach to temperature logging.

Why choose the KlipspringerValidation Logger?

  • 6 channels
  • Compact & simple to use
  • USB connectivity to PC
  • High accuracy
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Easy to set up & programme
  • Automated logging start/stop
  • Up to 8 samples per second
  • 250,000-sample memory
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Readings date & time-stamped
  • Compact 115mm insulating case
  • Up to 8 samples per second


± 0.5°C (-50 to 500°C)


From 0.1°C

Sampling rate

Fastest: eight times per second per channel
Slowest: once every two hours per channel


6 K or T type thermocouples

Temperature measuring range

-200°C to 1300°C (K type)
-200°C to 400°C (T type)

Operating environment

Temperature range -30 to 65°C
Humidity 95%
Not suitable for steam ovens or liquid submersion


Flash memory of 260,000 readings

Maximum runs stored



USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible


Alphanumeric display of 2 x 16 characters shows pass/fail, battery status, probes connected, real time readings and communication to printer or PC

Power supply

15,00Two AA cells to give 200 hours operation at default settings0 samples

Logger dimensions and weight (l x w x h), g

148 mm x 95 mm x 21 mm, 450g

Thermal barrier dimensions (l x w x h)

245 mm x 245 mm x 115 mm

Choose from 3 simple kit options

Static logger -no insulation required

  • 1x 6 Channel Oven Logger

Applications up to250C for 50 minutes

  • 1x 6 Channel Oven Logger
  • Thermal Barrier /Insulation Box (withstands 250°C for up to 50 minutes)
  • Software [USB]
  • Storage and Carry Case

Applications up to250C for 100 minutes or300C for 30 minutes

  • 1x 6 Channel Oven Logger
  • Thermal Barrier with Phase Change Block / Insulation Box (withstands 250°C for 100 minutes or 300°C for 30 minutes).
  • Software [USB]
  • Storage and Carry Case

Probes which really get stuck into the job

Our thermocouple probes are supplied with a specialist flange to ensure they do not slip out of the product during the process along with 3m length of heat resistant cable as standard!

1.6 mm Ø -excellent for small andthin products such as fish

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3.3mm Ø -ideal for larger productsand longer processes

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Custom probes tosuit any application…just talk to our team!

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Simple software designedto prevent I.T. headaches!

We know just how frustrating it can be when software causes concerns and delays with your IT team. For this reason, this logger uses a minimalist PC based software supplied by USB for you to load directly to your PC.

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