In-House Thermometer and Probe Verification

Making in-house calibration verification safer, smarter and simpler.

Temperature plays a role in the food safety or quality of a product, and checking thermometers are ready correctly is a critical part of the technical department’s routine. But how can it be done faster, safer and even more accurately?


Improve checkingaccuracy & traceability

Savetime and cost

Enhancefood safety compliance

Improvehealth & safety

Why use the LazaPort8?

Improve accuracy & traceability.

The LazaPort has quickly become the best-practice method of thermometer verification across the Food Industry globally.

  • Verifies multiple probe and infrared thermometers simultaneously
  • Choose between temperature points of 0 & 100°C, or -18 & 100°C.
  • Highly accurate to +/- 0.3°C.
  • UKAS calibration certificate proves conformance to the UK’s most common recognised standard
  • Loved by auditors and customers for ultimate traceability

Save time – and cost.

The LazaPort8 significantly reduces calibration time and makes your whole thermometer verification process a breeze.

  • Time savings of up to 3 hours a week compared to ice & boiling water checks – this means significant yearly cost savings
  • No manual set up or clear up required
  • Easily record your results by simply comparing the thermometer reading with the live display readings, and then compare to establish any calibration variance

Enhance food safety & compliance.

With the majority of thermometer inaccuracies occurring in the probe attachment, these can be the difference between food product being deemed safe or unsafe for consumption. That’s why the LazaPort8 calibrates the thermometer and probe together as one complete unit for ultimate compliance and food safety.

  • Customised port sizes ensure a perfect fit with your probe thermometers
  • The only way to accurately check infrared thermometers at a meaningful temperature range
  • Used in hundreds of factories globally to uphold food safety standards

Safely calibrate at 0 & 100°C, or -18 & 100°C

Certified to UKAS, accurate to +/- 0.3°C

Already proved in hundreds of factories globally

Rapidly calibrate up to 8 thermometers

For infrared & probe thermometers

Zero manual preparation or clean up required

“I’m surprised whenever I hear of sites still using the traditional ice and boiling water method; to me that is becoming old-fashioned and is also a massive health and safety risk. I would recommend the LazaPort to any site - without a doubt!”

Carolyn Copeland, QA Shift Manager, 2 Sisters Food Group

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Based on industry averages, calibrating your thermometers and probes together using ice and boiling water takes you xxx minutes per week, costing on average £xxx.xx per week.

Using the LazaPort8, calibrating your thermometers and probes will take xxx minutes per week and cost on average £xxx.xx per week.

This is a saving of xxx minutes each week, and £xxx.xx over the average lifespan of this machine!

This means that your payback period on a LazaPort8 Calibration Verifier will be approximately just xxx months!

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