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Introducing the PhoenixTM Process Logger

The PhoenixTM Logger System will help you to carry out accurate temperature profiling at your site. Featuring a multi-channel data logger, it is suited to temperature uniformity surveys – allowing you to map the efficiency of your equipment and identify any cold or hot spots. Another useful application is HACCP cook validation, as you can use the system to create HACCP validation reports that prove your product has been chilled at the right temperature, processed correctly, or has received the minimum cook temperature to ensure food safety. The system features a data logger, a thermal barrier, thermocouples, software, and a range of accessories. 


The PhoenixTM system travels through the oven, fryer or freezer, measuring the core temperature of your product. It uses a high temperature data logger, protected by a thermal barrier, to take these temperature recordings, making use of up to 20 thermocouples. At the end of the run, the collected data is transferred to a PC for analysis, but there is also the option of using two-way wireless RF telemetry to view and evaluate the data in real time.

In terms of applications, this system is suited to:

  • Batch and Continuous Baking Ovens, used for products like bread, confectionary, pies, and pizza
  • Cookers and Chillers/Freezers (continuous linear or spiral), used for products like poultry, meat, and fish
  • Continuous Deep Fat Fryers, used for breaded products, sausages, scotch eggs ect.
  • Batch Static and Rotating Ovens that steam and roast products like poultry, meat, and vegetables

The Data Logger

PhoenixTM multi-channel data loggers offer a number of benefits: 

  • 6, 10, and 20 channels available
  • Protected by a robust, water resistant, machined aluminum case
  • Accurate and reliable data – cold junction compensation, feedback error detection, noise reduction
  • Optional two-way RF telemetry is available, allowing real time data analysis and for the data logger to be reset and downloaded remotely
  • Shipped with a factory calibration certificate traceable to national standards
  • Optional certification to UKAS can be supplied if required
  • A copy of the original calibration certificate and data are stored within the data logger

The Thermal Barrier

Our range of thermal barriers offers enhanced thermal and mechanical protection for the data logger generating your readings.  

Designed with the food industry in mind, the barriers within this range will protect your data logger from heat, steam, moisture, and oil. They are also waterproof and made from stainless steel – a food contact approved material. They can withstand exposure to frying, steam cooking, chillers, and blast freezers.  

Here at Klipspringer, we will guide you through a qualification process to find or create the best thermal barrier for your application. Instead of one fixed design, we provide bespoke thermal barriers that can be altered to suit any specifications.

The Thermocouples 

These high quality thermocouples are available in a variety of different needle dimensions and cable lengths. 

They feature stainless steel tipped needles, along with an optional locking collar that maintains the position of the thermocouple as it takes a product core temperature measurement.  

Wrapped in stainless steel braid and with all-over PTFE insulation, the standard operating temperature extends up to 265°C. However, if your temperature requirements exceed this level, we can provide bespoke thermocouples that have been designed with your specific requirements in mind. 

The Software 

PhoenixTM Thermal View Software has all the functions you need to understand and optimise your process. The package can be adapted to meet the needs of your site – with different software available for different customer requirements. Other benefits include: 

  • Custom designed for HACCP monitoring
  • Produce fully certified and traceable validation reports to meet HACCP requirements
  • Calculate Pasteurisation and Sterilisation values (Pu/Fo)
  • Results are saved in a database for easy access
  • Multi-column sorting facility to organise results
  • Single screen layout is clear, concise, and intuitive
  • Split multiple runs or process steps (cook/chill) in a single run into separate profiles
  • Same site logger license - multiple users without the need for additional licenses

The Accessories

We also supply a range of accessories that can be used alongside the system. One example is an accompanying food tray.

A food tray will make it easier and safer for you to set up the logger system when working with machines such as fryers and conveyor belts. It will not only help you to transfer the system to the belt or fryer, but will also prevent it from moving during use.

Another key benefit is that it will keep the positioning of the product being tested consistent. What’s more, it allows you to fix the thermocouples in place so their penetration of your product is guaranteed.

The Benefits

The system itself offers a number of benefits: 

  • The system is easy to place, causing minimal disruption
  • Measures the actual product temperature, not just the atmosphere
  • Manufactured, serviced and calibrated in the UK
  • View data in real time, then make essential adjustments in the moment instead of wasting time
  • Data can be used for HACCP compliance, process validation and optimisation, product yield management, and problem solving
  • The system is extremely user friendly, producing clear and concise reports that are easy to read

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Optional certification to UKAS can be supplied if required.

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