The Segri ‘Family’

Making factory segregation safer, smarter and simpler.

Flexible and sustainable segregation forevery food manufacturer.

Finally, a long-standing challenge for hygiene, technical and engineering teams has been solved by a family of segregation solutions truly designed for the food industry.

From allergen segregation to washdown protection, Klipspringer’s much-loved mobile screens are now also joined by hanging curtain dividers and bespoke equipment covers, all developed alongside food industry professionals.

Why Use The Segri Range?


Reduce downtime and keep production running for longer.


A truly hygienic design which prevents cross-contamination.


Add bespoke messaging or logos to ensure maximum visual impact.


Eliminate single-use plastic using reusable and robust material.

Already Used and Loved By:

Introducing the Segri ‘Family’


  • Mobile screens connect to form a continuous, connected barrier for washdown, production or maintenance use.
  • Modular system - simply add or remove as many SegriScreens as required.
  • Screens nest for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Hygienically designed for food industry applications.
  • Add bespoke print for personalised branding, safety or instruction messages.


  • Bespoke hanging curtain to fit in any space required.
  • Uses Klipspringer’s unique magnetic hook system for easy mounting to any metal-based surface.
  • Strong and moisture-repellent PVC material.
  • Available in a range of colours with bespoke print for company branding, instructions and messages.


  • Bespoke waterproof covers safely protect machinery, control panels or other factory items during washdowns.
  • Significant time-saver for hygiene teams.
  • Eliminates the need for single-use plastic covers.
  • Uses waterproof and moisture-repellent PVC material, made to fit the shape and size of any item.
  • Available in a range of colours and can be printed with branding and instruction messaging as required.

Who Is It For?






Segregation For Every Application

“Features such as the ability to move as one continuous barrier, the flexibility around production lines and the ease of connecting were all really important to us. The visual impact of the SegriScreens also made it clear to all employees that this is a no entry area.

There isn’t anything I’ve come across which does as comprehensive job or ticks as many boxes as SegriScreen does!”

Site Hygiene Manager, Bakkavor

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