Drowning in paper checklists?

There's no need.

TRAKKD is used by leading hospitality brands

‘TRAKKD is an innovation and solution that’s made our work smarter and easier. During the selection process, we mainly looked at the ease of use of each potential solution. It is tailor-made for each location, meaning only the monitoring points for that location are included (think of monitoring points like reception, preparation, cooling processes, storage of cooled products, etc.)

Previously the data was only available on paper at the location itself. Now we can access all this information digitally in one central place. In the event of a potential incident, we have immediate access to all necessary data. An additional advantage is that we no longer need paper manuals. This is also great news for the environment!’

Chantal Wissen, Quality Manager, Albron

Why choose TRAKKD?

Global Accessibility

Save Time & Cut Cost


Drive performance

Types of checks:

Cooking and Cooling checks

Routine Cleaning checks

Fridge/Freezer checks

Opening and Closing checks

Thermometer Validation

Pay per kitchen.

Finally, a pricing structure thattruly suits the hospitality sector.

Pay per kitchen, not per user -whether it's 5 or 5,000.

Setting up a trial

Business and Leadership Buy-In

Review of initial project details and agree project viability. Confirmation to proceed with trial at preferred location.

Site Pilot Trial and Review

Once trial location is agreed, Klipspringer arrange installation of TRAKKD into restaurant and complete necessary staff training.Staff feedback coupled with ATP results taken on site are compiled and submitted for Customer review.

Commercial Agreement

Based on successful trial results, Klipspringer share detailed commercials with Sodexo for approval and agree roll-out schedule.

Roll-outand Training

Roll-out of TRAKKD and associated equipment to locations as per agreed schedule. Installation will be supported by relevant training provided by Klipspringer.

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