Drowning inpaper checklists?

There's no need.


Your cloud-based food safety checklist system from Klipspringer.


Moving from manual to digital checklists improves efficiency, traceability, reliability and consistency.


Ensure every check is completed on time in full, by the correct person. Alarms and notifications ensure this doesn’t get overlooked.

Integratedtemperature sensors

An all-in-one wireless system which combines your monitoring (e.g. temperature) with your routine reporting and digital management system.


Make informed, consistent and reliable decisions with accurate data analysis. Drill into performance by any parameter including user, site, region, country etc.

Huge time andcost savings

Save time, reduce waste and save on your system cost with our pay per kitchen model (unlimited users).

Who is it for?


Front ofHouse teams




Any team,Anywhere

Local data, global visibility

Cloud access ensures you are never without the information that is most important to you, from checklist completion to real-time temperature readings. Just tap the app wherever and whenever suits you.

Why use Trakkd?

  • Deliver transparency
  • Improve compliance
  • Drive sustainability
  • Fully paperless
  • Increase traceability
  • Holistic approach for complete peace of mind

Pay per kitchen.

Finally, a pricing structure that truly suits the hospitality sector.

Pay per kitchen, not per user – whether it’s 5 or 5,000.

Integrated hardware

The first provider to offer fully temperature monitoring sensors as part of a digital food safety management system.

Flexibility is everything

Every kitchen operation is unique. With TRAKKD, you have the assurance of a truly future-proof system you can adapt and expand to suit your processes and growth plans.

What's the process?


A headline look at your challenges and objectives.


A comprehensive and detailed review of your requirements.


Closely monitored initial roll-out across 1 to 2 kitchens.


Co-ordinated system deployment with training.

Ready to find out more?Discuss your processes with our specialist hospitality team.