Washdown protection that your hygiene teams will thank you for.


World-class chemical resistant clothing for hygiene teams, allowing them to focus on the job in hand with 100% protection.

Why choose WashGuard from Klipspringer?

Chemical Resistant

Suitable for the most demanding washdown environments.

Comfortable Design

Lightweight & comfortable improving operator welfare & productivity.

High Durability

Designed to last and washable.

Safer for the User

A safe team is a happy team. Enhanced safety features such as reflective strips.

WashGuard features

  • Lightweight design – ensures that the operator is comfortable, improving efficiency and welfare.
  • Hoods – increase protection of the operator’s face and hair for maximum safety.
  • Elasticated cuffs – increase protection of the arms and legs without sacrificing breathability.
  • Covered, sewn and welded seams – makes the garment more durable to extend longevity.
  • Machine washable – garments are cleaned and reused, in line with sustainability pledges.
  • Available in a variety of colours – blue, red, yellow, and white
  • Reflective strips – paramount to safety, these ensure washdowns teams can be seen in low light conditions.
  • Ultimate Comfort – ensuring your team is more comfortable therefore being more efficient.
  • Anti-slip and steel toecap – improved insulation and protection against hazardous surfaces.
  • Waterproof – prevents any water seeping into the garment, complying with EN343 and EN 14605
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