ATFX410-1 Reference Thermometer Kit

Consistently stable and accurate reference instrument, IP67 protected, fitted with penetration probe, setting the standard for compliance. Includes 5-point UKAS certificate, as well as 100x individually wrapped probe wipes. Perfect reference thermometer kit in a handy carrier case ideal for inspectors, quality managers and technical managers!
Code: ATFX410-1REF

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Code: ATFX410-1REF
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Based on the stable accuracy of the ATFX410-1 thermometer, this reference kit utilises a fast response penetration probe and is accompanied by a full UKAS 5 point certificate.  Now supplied with 100x CWS1 individually wrapped probe wipes - excellent for reducing the risk of covid/cross-contamination when moving from site-to-site/area-to-area for inspections.

Resolution 0.1°C Warranty 2 years
Accuracy ±0.3°C Battery life Approx. 5 years
Sensor Pt1000 Probe type Fast response penetration probe
Probe lead length 600mm Probe dimensions 110 x 3.3Ømm
Measuring range -50°...+300°C Operating Ambient (Temperature) -25°...+50°C
IP rating IP67 Certification UKAS 5 point certificate.
Application High risk production
Low risk production
Inspection and enforcement