LazaPort4 Calibrator

Heat source calibration verifier for up to 4 thermometers and probes simultaneously to 2 temperature points.
Code: WPG879
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Code: WPG879
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Quickly investigates accuracy of complete probe thermometer unit (instrument and probe) at either -18 and 100 or 0 and 100. The demands of compliance and auditing require food processors to check the accuracy of thermometers and probes on an increasingly frequent basis - monthly, weekly or even daily. The LazaPort4 significantly increases the speed and accuracy of your testing procedures, saving time, money and helping you meet your compliance requirements.

Test caps only check the electronics in the thermometer. Accuracy drift usually occurs in the probe but the traditional method of calibrating using ice and boiling water has a number of significant drawbacks.

Temperature points 0° and +100°C Lead time 15 working days
Number of temperature points 2 Operating Ambient (Temperature) 5°...25°C
Dimensions (mm) 269 x 288 x 238mm Certification Free issue certificate supplied
Port size 3.3mm & 3.0mm Warranty 1 year
IP rating IPX2 Accuracy ±0.2°C
Power 240v AC 50Hz
Application Production
Inspection and enforcement
Retail and catering
Chill chain distribution