Sealwise Furniture

Introducing Sealwise - the one board that does it all better.

Sealwise waterproof construction board is the smarter, safer solution for applications in many different hygiene-sensitive environments.

Sealwise is a homogeneous material with a foam core made of closed cell PVCU and a solid PVC surface material.  It is non-toxic, Formaldehyde free, non-porous and can be used and processed in the same way as standard panel products - yet offering a much better life span.

Tough clean surfaces for hardworking environments, Sealwise WCB provides a robust, practical and clean solution for most applications in the food industry, providing a strong, bright, clean and modern environment for manufacturing & preparation.

Find out more about how Sealwise antibacterial furniture is revolutionising furniture in the food and beverage industry here.

Watch the video and find out how Sealwise antibacterial furniture provides:

  • Lifelong anti-bacterial protection against bacteria
  • Cost effective alternative to stainless steel
  • Increased hygiene
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved furniture life span