Squeegees and Scourers

Squeegees are essential for keeping food preparation and production areas clean and safe. Our range of super-hygiene single-blade squeegees
and double-blade squeegees are available in a range of sizes and 11 vibrant colours in order to prevent cross-contamination. These superior products are part of our KsPrism range

Scouring Pads & Holders

As useful and effective as ever, scouring pads are now even easier to use thanks to our innovative scouring pad holders. Both our pads and holders are colour-coded and designed to last – even in the most fast-paced and demanding of environments.

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Squeegees Squeegees Super-hygiene single blade squeegees and traditional double blade squeegees in a number of sizes and all 11 hygiene colours offered in the KsPrism range. Proved by many to be the best! View products
Scouring Pads and Holders Scouring Pads and Holders KsPrism offers a fresh approach to scouring, reintroducing an old practice with the right tools to get the job done. Unique, colour coded scouring pad holders ensures scourer does not fall off. View products