Lean 5S

John Benson-Smith: Discussing the Past, Present & Future of Hospitality

Alex Blair sits down for an exclusive interview with John Benson-Smith, hospitality expert, celebrity chef, and former BBC MasterChef judge.

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The Four Most Frequent Problems with Shadow Boards

Overcoming the most common problems with shadow boards, from unreturned equipment to insufficient space.

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How Can the 5S Lean Principles Boost Business Efficiency?

Tangibly explaining the 5S Principles, one of the most effective organisational tools for workplace efficiency.

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How Much Do Shadow Boards Really Cost?

Breaking down all costs of implementing shadow boards.

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Shadow Boards: An Industry Staple for Workplace Management?

Explaining the utility of shadow boards for workplace management and organisation.

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Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Hotel, Retail and Catering Show

Klipspringer take steps to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to making food safety and compliance safer, smarter and simpler for the hospitality sector.

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