Oil Management

Oil Quality

What is the Best Way to Check Oil Quality?

This article explores which method for checking oil quality is the best: TPM (Total Polar Materials) or FFA (Free Fatty Acids).

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Cooking Oil – Rising Prices, Needless Costs and Unsustainable Practices

In 2022, oil dominated global headlines: a constantly revolving door of rising oil prices, supply chain issues, and sustainability breaches...

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Food Oil Management

Six Strategies for Maximising Oil Life Without Compromising Quality

A comprehensive breakdown of Klipspringer's oil management webinar involving experts from Olleco, Jestic, and Wagamama.

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Reducing the Risks of Acrylamide in Cooking Oil

Specifying how to prevent a build-up of acrylamide - a customer-harming, cancer-causing chemical.

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