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Expert Advice: BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard, Issue 9, Section 4

Expert advice on the requirements outlined in Section 4, Issue 9 of the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard.


Is it Good Practice to Keep Cleaning Equipment and Brushes in Disinfectant?

Answering one of the industry's most asked questions: Is it Good Practice to Keep Cleaning Equipment and Brushes in Disinfectant?

Opening Times

Klipspringer’s Opening Times for Christmas and the New Year: 2023

In the interest of supporting you during this busy period, please see our 2023 opening times for Christmas and the New Year.

Hygiene Managers

Five Ways to Support and Protect Your Hygiene Manager

Discover our five valuable solutions for supporting and protecting the Hygiene Manager at your site.

health and safety

Health and Safety in Food Factories: Five Solutions for Your Site

Klipspringer's team of experts outline everything you need to know about the role of health and safety in the food production industry.


Global Food Safety Standard, Issue 9: How to Avoid the Top Hygiene Non-Conformities

Discover the top non-conformities raised by Version 9 of the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard.


Launching an Allergen-Free Line at Your Factory

Launching an allergen-free line at your factory can be quite the undertaking. Here are six solutions to help you on your way.

Food Safety Audit

Six Solutions for a Successful Food Safety Audit

Do you have an upcoming food safety audit? If so, these six solutions could help you and your site to secure success.


Allergen Segregation in the Food Industry – Everything you need to know

Discover five valuable ways that you can enhance your approach to allergen segregation within the food industry.

reference weights

How to use Calibrated Reference Weights to Check the Accuracy of Your Scales

Klipspringer's food industry team explain how you can use calibrated reference weights to check the accuracy of your scales.

Hygiene Teams

Five Ways to Fully Protect the Hygiene Operatives at your Factory

Five solutions for protecting the hygiene teams working tirelessly in the food and beverage production industry.

Food Handling & Storage Containers

Food Handling & Storage Containers: Everything you need to know

A comprehensive guide to Food Handling & Storage Containers. Find the right match for you and your factory.

Brush Handles

Handles: A Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for You and Your Site

Everything you need to know about handles and their role in the food industry. Plus, a comprehensive guide to finding the best fit for your site.

BRCGS Cleaning Equipment

BRCGS Version 9: Does Klipspringer cleaning equipment comply with the relevant standards?

A detailed overview of how Klipspringer's cleaning equipment is compliant with the standards outlined in BRCGS Version 9.


Help Guide: Best Practices for Validating and Verifying your equipment

Breaking down the key validation processes within food production and hospitality, then exploring the potential role of TRAKKD.

Hygiene Brushware

Hygiene Brushware: Everything you need to know about its role in the Food Industry

A comprehensive guide to Hygiene Brushware. Understand all the key terms and find the right brush for you and your factory.

Shadow Board Configurator

Klipspringer’s Shadow Board Configurator: An Introduction

Introducing the Shadow Board Configurator from Klipspringer: an innovative approach to designing your favourite storage solutions. 

Hygienic Design

Katie Satterthwaite on Hygienic Design – Food Safety Innovation Conference 2023

Following on from the Food Safety Conference 2023, we're sharing our highlights from Katie Satterthwaite's talk on Hygienic Design.

Digital Quality Management

Manual vs. Digital Quality Management Systems: An honest comparison

Klipspringer's food industry team explore the pros and cons of digital and manual quality management systems

Moisture Analysers

Moisture Analysers and Water Activity Meters: Understanding the Crucial Difference

Klipspringer's food industry team break down the essential differences between Moisture Analysers and Water Activity Meters.

low risk

Food Factories: Low Risk, High Risk, High Care – What’s the Difference?

Our comprehensive guide to low risk, high risk, and high care zones in a food factory.


Optical Refractometers vs. Digital Refractometers: An honest comparison

Klipspringer's food industry team break down the pros and cons of optical refractometers and digital refractometers.

Food Safety Innovation Conference

Food Safety Innovation Conference 2023 – Inaugural Event Receives Glowing Reviews

The Food Safety Innovation Conference from Klipspringer and FoodClean received glowing reviews - learn more about the event

Commercial Kitchen Show

Klipspringer Announce Attendance at the Commercial Kitchen Show 2023

CKS is the go-to industry event for decision-makers involved in equipping and running efficient commercial kitchens.

Technical Manager

Five Solutions to Support Your Success as a Technical Manager

This article explores the main responsibilities of a Technical Manager and shares several solutions to transform your daily tasks.


Detectable Pens in the Food Industry – Everything you need to know

Klipspringer's food industry team explore everything you need to know about selecting the perfect detectable pens.

Peak Season Production

Six Ways To Better Manage Peak Season Production​

Uncover six ways to better manage peak season production.

The Hygiene Hustle

Introducing The Hygiene Hustle Podcast

In the first episode of The Hygiene Hustle, Phil May explores the role of Hygiene Operatives and how to write a Cleaning Instruction Card.

Resin-Set Brushware vs. Standard Hygiene Brushware: An honest comparison

Breaking down the pros and cons of resin-set and standard hygiene brushware for use in the food industry.

John Benson-Smith: Discussing the Past, Present & Future of Hospitality

Alex Blair sits down for an exclusive interview with John Benson-Smith, hospitality expert, celebrity chef, and former BBC MasterChef judge.

Klipspringer Launches Food Safety Innovation Conference 2023

Launching an all-new forum to share and develop innovation in food safety.

Foodex 2023: Klipspringer’s Team Take on the UK’s Largest Food Manufacturing Event

A summary of our team's turnout at Foodex Manufacturing Solutions - an industry-leading exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre.

No Food Left Behind (Part 3): How UK Consumers Can Solve the Food Waste Crisis

How can individuals and families cut food waste? Find out how in the third and final part of the 'No Food Left Behind' series.

How To Keep Production Lines Running During Washdowns

Equipment downtime during washdowns is waste of production and costs. This article offers an alternative solution.

No Food Left Behind (Part 2): How UK Manufacturers Can Solve the Food Waste Crisis

This second article in the 'No Food Left Behind' series evaluates how leading UK manufacturers can fight food wastage.

Temperature Monitoring Explained

Based on our common interactions with customers, this article answers key questions around temperature monitoring, from its process to costs.

A Complete Guide to Food Industry Scales

This article addresses key questions around food industry scales - including IP ratings, EC trade approval, and different types of scales.

No Food Left Behind (Part 1): How UK Retailers Can Solve the Food Waste Crisis

This first article in the 'No Food Left Behind' series evaluates how leading UK retailers can tackle the food waste crisis head-on.

Five Little-Known Solutions to Lighten the Load of Hygiene Managers

This article explores the main responsibilities of the overworked hygiene manager - and several solutions to help their daily tasks.

A Foolproof Foreign Body Prevention Plan For Food Factories

A ten-step template of how to prevent foreign body contamination - from risk assessment to root cause analysis.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Probe Thermometer Damage – and How Do I Avoid Them?

Thermometer damage is costly and inconvenient. This article unpacks its most common causes, and outlines how to prevent thermometer damage.

The Four Most Frequent Problems with Shadow Boards

Overcoming the most common problems with shadow boards, from unreturned equipment to insufficient space.

Klipspringer to Attend Foodex Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition at NEC in April 2023

Foodex Manufacturing Solutions is back for the first time since 2018 - and with it is Klipspringer's expert team.

How to Simplify Your Colour-Coding Policy for Guaranteed Segregation

An in-depth exploration of colour-coding for allergen segregation, based on an interview with Alex Carlyon.

FoodClean Launches Brand-New Experience Centre

Announcing Klipspringer's exciting new partnership with factory hygiene specialists FoodClean.

HRC23: Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Leading UK Hospitality Show

As an insightful, friendly event bringing hospitality experts together, this year's Hotel, Restaurant & Catering show holds much promise.

A Complete Guide to Equipment Calibration

In an exclusive interview, Klipspringer’s Laboratory Manager explains lead times, the calibration process, and more…

Seven Key Trends for the Future of Food and Farming

A research-driven analysis of trends and developments that will play an increase role in the future of food and farming.

How Can the 5S Lean Principles Boost Business Efficiency?

Tangibly explaining the 5S Principles, one of the most effective organisational tools for workplace efficiency.

Klipspringer to Sponsor BRCGS Food Safety Europe Conference 2023

The BRCGS's Food Safety Europe Conference is an industry-leading event for food businesses wanting to stay well ahead of the compliance curve.…

In-House Thermometer Verification Methods Explained

Analysing the pros and cons of the three main approaches to probe verification.

TRAKKD: Boosting Compliance, Traceability, and Sustainability Across the Hospitality Industry

A new approach for innovative food businesses aiming for efficiency and traceability.

What is the Best Way to Check Oil Quality?

Removing the guesswork from oil checks with one simple method.

Culture in Hygiene: Sustainable Cleaning Practice (Webinar 3)

Breakdown of the third webinar in the 'Culture in Hygiene' series, examining how to ensure sustainable cleaning practice.

Preventing Foreign Body Contamination – Why Detection Should Be the Last Resort

Outlining the utility of detectable utensils for avoiding contaminated and customer-harming foodstuff.

Culture in Hygiene: Maximising the Hygiene Window (Webinar 2)

Breakdown of the second webinar in the 'Culture in Hygiene' series, examining how to maximise the Hygiene Window.

How Much Do Shadow Boards Really Cost?

Breaking down all costs of implementing shadow boards.

Klipspringer Launch Brand-New Range of Production Knives

A brand-new range of production knives designed to cater for all food applications.

Culture in Hygiene: Hygiene Team Retention & Engagement (Webinar 1)

Breakdown of the first webinar in a three-part series, discussing how to recruit, train, and retain a highly engaged hygiene team.

UK Hospitality Staff Shortages Hit Record High

Recent figures reveal that one in four hospitality businesses have been forced to close their doors due to an ‘endemic’ of staff shortages.

Nine Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wireless Monitoring System

Breakdown of a wireless monitoring webinar led by Quorn Foods and Klipspringer panelists.

Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Commercial Kitchen Show 2022

CKS is the go-to industry event for decision-makers involved in equipping and running efficient commercial kitchens.

Unpacking the BRCGS Standard for Food Safety Issue 9

This research-led article explains all there is to know about new changes in the BRCGS's Issue 9, auditable from 1 February 2023.

Cooking Oil – Rising Prices, Needless Costs and Unsustainable Practices

In 2022, oil dominated global headlines: a constantly revolving door of rising oil prices, supply chain issues, and sustainability breaches...

Shadow Boards: An Industry Staple for Workplace Management?

Explaining the utility of shadow boards for workplace management and organisation.

Six Strategies for Maximising Oil Life Without Compromising Quality

Breakdown of an oil management webinar involving experts from Olleco, Jestic, Wagamama, and Klipspringer.

Temperature Mapping Explained

Outlining the process of temperature mapping in food storage units, from fridge-freezers to entire warehouses.

Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Hotel, Retail and Catering Show

Klipspringer take steps to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to making food safety and compliance safer, smarter and simpler for the…

EHOs and Food Safety Officers: Choosing the Right Equipment

Detailing the most suitable equipment choices for food safety officers and EHOs.

Compliant Fridge Temperature Monitoring – A Complete Overview

How to get it right when it comes to fridge monitoring in the food industry.

Your Online Klipspringer Experience: The Complete Guide

A brief guide outlining how best to use your Klipspringer Web Portal.

Generation #3 Launched in the LazaPort Calibrator Series

Announcing the LazaPort8 - Klipspringer's most advanced calibrator yet.

Klipspringer Continues to Invest in Innovation with 3D Printing Technology

An exciting step in Klipspringer's commitment to continual self-improvement.

Understanding Your UKAS Calibration Certificate

Guiding you through each element of the UKAS calibration certificate provided by Klipspringer's laboratory.

Reducing the Risks of Acrylamide in Cooking Oil

Specifying how to prevent a build-up of acrylamide - a customer-harming, cancer-causing chemical.

Klipspringer Launches New Microfibre Socket Mop

Klipspringer's latest microfibre socket mop makes easy work of floor cleaning.

A3 vs ATP Hygiene Monitoring – What’s the Difference?

Explaining the difference between two easily conflated hygiene monitoring methods.

Food Oil Management – A Bigger Problem Beneath the Surface?

Delving into one of the food industry's most pressing problems, and how to overcome it.

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