What challenges do we face in today's industry?

On Wednesday 8th November at 11am, BRCGS hosted an informative webinar in collaboration with Klipspringer. In this webinar, Foram Mehta, Global Standards Technical Manager at BRCGS, was joined by Klipspringer Director, Alex Carlyon to discuss Issue 9 of the BRCGS Food Safety Global Standard. Using BRCGS audit data, Foram and Alex explored the root causes of the most common non-conformities in this area and discussed what this tells us about the challenges we face in today’s industry.

We have also put together an article breaking down each section of the webinar – sharing the key points discussed by Alex and Foram, taking a closer look at the top non-conformities, and running through the FAQs related to this topic.

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Featuring practical guidance on meeting the hygiene requirements outlined in Issue 9 of the BRCGS Food Safety Global Standard, this webinar offers tangible takeaways that will help your site to secure audit compliance.


Cleaning Equipment Disinfectant

Foram Mehta

Global Standards Technical Manager, BRCGS

Cleaning Equipment Disinfectant

Alex Carlyon

Director, Klipspringer

Key webinar areas:

1. Requirements of BRCGS Food Safety Global Standard Issue 9

2. Exploring the root causes of common non-conformities

3. Tangible takeaways to help your site with compliance


Founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain, BRCGS plays a vital role in driving standards throughout the food and beverage industry. A market-leading global brand, it operates a rigorous third party certification scheme, with its highly trained auditors setting the benchmark for good manufacturing practice.


Klipspringer supports thousands of UK food and beverage production companies in securing final product integrity and compliance with confidence. By working closely with food industry professionals, Klipspringer has created many innovative products and solutions over the years that support BRCGS certificated sites in their compliance journey.