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With multiple recipes, allergens, CCPs and production shifts, there’s little margin for error in the ready meal and prepared food sector.

Not only do shadow boards make processes visual and easy to follow, they are crucial for maintaining factory standards and audit compliance. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination while improving team efficiency and saving up to 50% on equipment replacement costs.

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Shadow boards

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From engineering tool boards through to PPE and change part stations, here are some ideas to get you started.

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“Shadow boards have made the area tidier and easier to clean, as magnetic boards can be easily repositioned on the walls during a hygiene clean of the area. We can have the boards in exactly the area they are needed and move them as and when required. Some of our areas are tight spaces and so storage has been improved by mounting things on the walls instead of on tables and in buckets. All of the team at Klipspringer that I have dealt with have been helpful and polite. Queries have been answered quickly and delivery from confirmation of design has been very fast.”

Emma Foreman, Bakkavor

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