It’s easy to know you need to make a change when...your thermometers are slow, inaccurate or easily damaged.

What’s not so easy is if you are just too busy to know just what is really happening (and everything looks ok).
Watch the video to find out why every day 5,000 ATFX410 thermometers are used in the UK & Ireland:


“We have trialled many thermometers here, but always have to come back to the ATFX410 for reliability and accuracy.”

Site Quality Manager


Simple to operate and deliversaccurate results quickly.


Only the toughest survive. The ATFX410-1 not only survives, but thrives.


The most waterproof thermometer available. IP67-rated, probe included (and we're the only brand who can say that).


5 year battery life means less battery costs, less risk of thermometer damage and more eco-friendly.


Food safety demands 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. At ±0.3˚C, this is the most accurate food factory thermometer widely available.


Now with a quibble-free 5 year warranty for full peace of mind.


Resistant to steam, condensationand total immersion!

  1. Easy-to-clean sealed housing
  2. Fully waterproof probe connector
  3. Simple, one-button operation
  4. Clear battery level indication
  5. Auto-off function
  6. Ergo design for a firm grip
  7. Large, easy-read display screen
  8. Optional colour coded protection boot

Detachable probes for every application

Fast Response

For the majority of

Heavy Duty

Extras strength for
tough, solid products.

Air Probe

For rapid air temperature

Between Pack

Fast response with
minimised product damage.


Up to 1.5m length for
liquid products.

Colour coded probe handles

6 colour options for usage segregation, with an ergonomic design for a comfortable and firm grip. Industry-leading sensor technology ensures reading accuracy and stability.

Colour coded protective boots

Re-enforce thermometer colour-coding and provide an added layer of protection – especially in particularly harsh production environments.

Oh, and by the way...

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Full UKAS Calibration
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