your feet and
the environment


Over 300m pairs of shoes are thrown out every year in the UK. That’s more than 4 pairs of shoes per person on average!


Shoes can take an average of 30-40 years to decompose in landfill, also releasing harmful microplastics into our environment and waterways.

What impact on the environmentis your factory footwear having?

How many pairs of footwear areyou sending to waste every year?

Not only does Protect footwear from Klipspringer offer you a more sustainable factory footwear option,
our new recycling service further insures minimal impact on the environment by
ensuring end-of-life shoes do not go to landfill.

How does it work?


Buy Protect footwear from Klipspringer. Your staff will be happy with exceptional comfort levels!


Wash your Protect footwear to enhance its working life without compromising hygiene.


Once your shoes reach the end of their working life, complete the form below then return them to our recycling depot.


We work with specialist partners to recycle your used Protect shoes.


Your Protect shoes have a new lease of life as a completely new product!


You’ll receive your digital certificate to prove your commitment to protecting our planet.

What will my Protect shoes become?

The things that your shoes could become is constantly growing but here’s just a few examples...

Ready to get started?

Whether you have one pair, one hundred pairs or one thousand pairs of Protect shoes, you can return them to us whenever is convenient for you, in whatever quantity works best for you. Just complete the form below to download your booking form.