Our oceans are choking.

Each year, 14 million tonnes of plastic waste enter our oceans.Now is the time to act…

By choosing Klipspringer’s Eversea range of cleaning tools, you are cleaning up our oceans. All Eversea utensils are made from recycled marine plastic. Every kg of recovered marine plastic creates 1 kg of polymer.

Cleaning tools for people who care.

EVERSEA® is a circular economy project that recovers plastic waste from the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine waste that would otherwise be harming animals such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles is repurposed into cleaning tools. With EVERSEA®, sustainability and care for the environment merges seamlessly with quality and design.

Our goal is to use our expertise to drive meaningful change to protect this wonderful world we live in. We are pleased to be the first company in the cleaning sector to join the official SeaQual initiative.

How is EVERSEA® made?

Ocean plastic is recovered from the Mediterranean Sea by fishermen and NGOs

Recovered ocean plastic is then cleaned, treated and sorted.

It is then processed into pellets, ready for production.

High quality 100% recycled ocean plastic is used to manufacture cleaning utensils.

Our ‘Future First’ sustainability blueprint is our commitment to a responsible future.

EVERSEA® is aFuture First Initiative.

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