What’s the difference between safe and unsafe food?

It could be just a degree.

Remove the guesswork and wasted time from
your thermometer checking process.


Bringing the benefits of the LazaPort family to food retail and commercial kitchens.

Check the accuracy of your probe thermometers in just a matter of seconds, at the most meaningful temperature point: 75°C.

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"Using the new machine just saves us hours every month."

Mark Reynolds - Executive Head Chef
at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

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Peace of mind and
proof of competence.

Checked against a certified test medium –
no questionable methods or traceability gaps.

What’s wrong with the traditional ice or boiling water thermometer check?

  • Inevitable dift in temperature provides poor accuracy
  • Not traceable to any recognised calibration standard
  • Requires manual preparation (ice), and involves
  • operational hazards (boiling water and steam)
  • Slow calibration process
  • Calibration points are not in required temperature range

What’s different about the LazaPort Mono way?

  • Highly accurate, stable checking medium
  • Fully traceable to recognised UKAS accredited calibration standards
  • No manual preparation or clean-up required
  • Fast and simple verification process
  • Checks thermometers at the critical temperature point for food safety

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"What a great concept, ideal for consistency and great connectivity. A solution to an age-old issue.”

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