It has become a Klipspringer tradition to open each year with a full team event. In fact, just last year, we hosted four company-wide gatherings across the twelve months.

We knew 2024 had to be bigger and better than ever, so we launched The Klipspringer Conference. Hosted at Adastral Park in Ipswich, this conference featured panel discussions, workshops, team building exercises, and even a tour of the BT Innovation Centre.

Inspired and enthused, we wanted to share a brief rundown of the event – sharing our highlights and shining a light on the fantastic individuals who make up the Klipspringer team.

A Fireside Chat With The Klipspringer Team

The first activity of the day was a Fireside Chat hosted by Klipspringer Director, Alex Carlyon. This chat brought together five representatives of the Klipspringer workforce:

  • Anna Bloom and Fraser Carlyon from the Business Development Team
  • Hadley Smith from the Commercial Team
  • Svetlana Liubomirskaja, Team Leader of the Klipspringer Laboratory
  • Sam Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing

During this fireside discussion, the panel were asked about Klipspringer’s culture – partaking in an open conversation about life at the company and sharing any ideas for improvement. The panel also shared their highlights of 2023, ranging from the arrival of new team members and team building activities, to customer success stories and the joys of working with different departments.

The future of Klipspringer was another key talking point, with both the panel and audience asked to imagine the company in ten years time, exploring the different challenges and opportunities that might arise.

The Klipspringer Awards 2023

Next, it was time to announce the winners of The Klipspringer Awards 2023. This year, there were six categories, and with 100% of the Klipspringer team taking the time to nominate their co-workers, we were all extremely excited to find out the results.

Darryl James, Warehouse and Production Manager, received the Energetic Dynamo Award. An enthusiastic individual who spent 2023 going above and beyond for the people around him, Darryl was an extremely deserving winner.

The Rising Star Award was presented to Hadley Smith, a recent addition to the Commercial Department. Already an expert in TRAKKD (our cloud-based quality management system), Hadley has quickly established himself as an invaluable member of the Klipspringer team.

Up next we had the Customer First Award, with this honour going to Louise Britton. An exceptional member of the Customer Support Team, Louise worked tirelessly throughout 2023 to protect and nurture relationships with our valued customers.

The fourth award went to Steph Dijon, recognising her as Klipspringer’s Unsung Hero. As our Finance Manager, Steph plays an essential role in our operation. This year she has been an inspiration to many, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to Klipspringer’s core values.

On the subject of core values, Graphic Designer Cath Strawson received the Hero of Values award. Throughout the year Cath has been a paragon of care, competence, and focus – collaborating with a number of different departments and bringing the new Klipspringer Product Catalogue to print.

Finally, we had the Ray of Sunshine category, with Austin Solomon securing a landslide victory. Working as Klipspringer’s Operations Assistant, Austin can always be found with a smile on his face, uplifting and inspiring his co-workers with every interaction.

Klipspringer's Directors Share Their Vision

Once we had recovered from the thrill of the awards, it was time for Klipspringer’s Directors to share their vision for the year ahead. During this portion of the day, our leadership team outlined five key objectives for 2024 and provided an exciting update on our upcoming move to a new Head Quarters.

This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get on the same page in preparation for the year ahead. This segment also highlighted Klipspringer’s ongoing commitment to honesty and integrity, with team members at every level encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage with the information provided.

Exploring BT's Innovation Centre

We couldn’t have left Adastral Park without first exploring BT’s range of industry-themed innovation showcases. That is why the Klipspringer workforce temporarily broke off into four teams, with each group taking it in turns to tour the Innovation Hub. 

During these tours, we were introduced to emerging concepts such as: 3D printing, holograms, immersive 360° video content, and computer vision technologies.

This experience was not only informative, but also inspiring – directing our attention towards the future and helping us to consider the many possibilities that lie ahead.

Refreshments & The Klipspringer Band

It wouldn’t be a team event without a performance from The Klipspringer Band. This musical display from the Carlyon brothers provided a wonderful backdrop to the continental breakfast enjoyed at the start of the event.

Later on in the day, we also enjoyed a buffet lunch from catering company: Lexington Catering. This delicious spread featured everything from tortellini to katsu curry. Finished off with brownie bites and fruit platters, it certainly gave us the energy to power through our afternoon activities.

Klipspringer's Objective Workshops

Led by Klipspringer’s team of Directors, there were five workshops hosted in the afternoon – all tied to different objectives.

Bringing together team members from different departments, these workshops encouraged participants to dream up strategies for the improvement of our products, customer experience, and overall operation.

Creativity was key and, as always, there was no such thing as a bad idea! Instead, the Klipspringer team came together to celebrate the brilliant minds that make up our workforce. We also kept a record of any plans with potential, so watch this space in 2024.

Another Successful Full Team Event!

Last but not least, we enjoyed an activity that asked everyone to write their SMART goals for the year on a puzzle piece. These pieces were then grouped together to form a complete image – a clever representation of how individual effort can fuel collective growth.

Determined to hold ourselves accountable, these goals were: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound.

Once the puzzle was complete, several lucky team members were given the chance to draw a golden ticket and receive a prize. This final activity was extremely fitting, with team members cheering each other on and celebrating any big wins.

Notably, Nikki Bird, Accounts Receivable Team Leader, closed the day with the ultimate display of Klipspringer spirit – winning so many prizes that she opted to hand one over to another department, so that everyone could share in her success.

All in all, the day was a triumph – a celebration of all we achieved in 2023 and the perfect start to a fantastic year ahead!