Klipspringer to Sponsor BRCGS Food Safety Europe Conference 2023

What is the Food Safety Europe Conference?

We are delighted to announce that, as a BRCGS partner organisation, Klipspringer will be returning to sponsor this year’s Food Safety Europe Conference (FSEC).

Curated to enhance European food safety management across retail, food service, and manufacturing environments, the FSEC is an exemplar industry event. It provides a platform for leading figures to pool their knowledge, resulting in invaluable insights and feedback for attendees.

The one-day conference will also feature keynote presentations from influential companies including Amazon, Nestle, and Just Eat, alongside decisive regulators such as the Food Standards Agency and, of course, the BRCGS itself. Their newly revised Global Standards for Food Safety Issue 9 will be a topic of hot discussion at the FSEC.

When and where is FSEC23, and how much does it cost?

Date: Wednesday 1st February

Time: 8:00am–5:00pm

Location: Etc Venues, 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London, EC3A 7BX

Price: £330-£1,170 (depending on ticket type) – use the code KLIP20 for a 20% discount on your ticket registration price here.

FSEC23 – Ones to watch

There are numerous presentations and panel sessions at this year’s FSEC which look highly promising. Below, we’ve outlined a few which caught our eye…

08:45–9:10am: Outlining Amazon’s Approach to Food Safety

Delivered by John Michael Piggott, EU Head of Food Safety, this keynote speech will undoubtedly be a strong start to the conference. It is likely to contain important information regarding the food safety assurances required by the world’s largest online retailer, who are now branching into food delivery.

09:35–10:15am: Horizon Scanning to Determine and Plan for Potential Food Safety Challenges

Following a year plagued by supply chain issues caused by war, fuel costs, and climate change-driven weather, experts from Waitrose, Barilla, and the Food Standards Agency will discuss lessons from 2022 and forecast challenges for 2023 in what looks set to be an engaging panel debate.

10:50–11:15am: BRCGS Presentation: What is New in Issue 9?

On 1 August 2022, the BRCGS released their latest version of the Global Standards for Food Safety, a global benchmark against which leading companies set their requirements for compliance. This presentation is relevant for those seeking more information on the widely read article our expert team at Klipspringer researched and compiled on the key changes from Issue 8 to Issue 9.

14:50–15:15pm: Microbiology Under the Microscope: New Trends, Tools, and Challenges

Led by John Donaghy, Head of Food Safety, Corporate Operations and Quality Management at Nestle, this afternoon session might perhaps go under some attendees’ radars. However, for those interested in future trends in food production (especially plant-based proteins) it is certainly worth a listen.

These talks are merely the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to browse the full conference agenda here.

For any questions about the Food Safety Europe Conference, our team are more than happy to help, if you contact us at: 01473 461 800.

Interested in attending? Click here to register – and don’t forget that KLIP20 discount code for 20% off!

Klipspringer Launch Brand-New Range of Production Knives

Knives are an integral part of any food production workplace. Used in a wide range of contexts – from preparing fruit and vegetables to filleting, jointing, and deboning meat and fish – production knives must be grippy, rigid, and, above all, long-lastingly sharp. However, with knife-related injuries sending more than 1 million workers to hospital every year, ensuring that cutting utensils are safe and of the highest quality is extremely important. Enter Klipspringer’s latest launch: a brand-new range of production knives, designed to cater for all applications in food manufacturing environments.

This exciting new range is divided into three main categories:

1) Ergo Series Knives

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, either Molibdenum or Vanadium, the Ergo Series blades are corrosion-resistant, and offer their user exceptional cutting power. These knives are structurally robust, with their hard inner plastic component and long-lasting edge making them able to withstand intensive use.

What’s more, the Ergo Series utilises a Bi-injection handle manufacturing method. This differentiated colour handle system allows each knives to be categorised by its specific purpose, eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination between foods, while offering a grippy, cushioned handle design for maximum comfort and ease of use.

Current models available in the Ergo Series include Breaking Knives, Butchers Knives, Boning Knives, Cimeter Knives, Stick Knives, Fillet Knives and Bead/Pastry Knives.

2) Performance Series Knives

Next, there’s the Performance Series – a range of long-lasting blades ideal for butchery, fish filleting, vegetable prep, and a vast array of other applications. These knives are manufactured from SANDVIK12C27 Steel, and have an ergonomic design carefully tailored to give comfort and control for extended use. This is supplemented by a comfortable handle, the material of which provides extra grip, even when wet.

But what truly sets the Performance Series apart from other industry knives as a true ally of professionals in the food processing industry? Antimicrobiality – contained in the handle material are cutting-edge antibacterial properties that prevent the growth and propagation of bacteria and microorganisms.

Current models available in the Performance Series include Butcher Knives, Boning Knives, Skinning Knives, Cimeter Knives and breaking knives.

3) Essential Series Knives & Accessories

Designed for more general, multi-purpose contexts, the Essential Series knives are similarly strong, sharp, and have excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting. The soft rubber material on the handle’s surface allows for a smooth, tight grip, and, again, a colour-coded handle system prevents cross-contamination.

The Essential Series is also unique in offering first-rate knife accessories. In particular, it showcases a Knife Sharpening Steel (pictured below) made from carbon steel, with a protective layer of hard chrome plating, and a Polyethene handle – a hygienic surface material recommended for the food industry.

Current models available in the Essential Series include Paring Knives, Serrated Knives and Knife Sharpening Steel.

For more information about these latest additions to the Klipspringer range, feel free to contact our team: 01473 461 800.

View the Klipspringer range of knives here

UK Hospitality Staff Shortages Hit Record High

Four Solutions to Help Food Businesses Overcome the Recruitment Crisis

Recent figures reveal that one in four hospitality businesses have been forced to close their doors due to an ‘endemic’ of staff shortages.

Exacerbated by Brexit and Covid, the hospitality recruitment crisis had been building for years. Now, the problem has spiralled horribly out of control, culminating in a record high 174,000 hospitality vacancies according to trade body UKHospitality.

During the height of summer, when hospitality businesses generate around three-quarters of their annual turnover (especially coastal businesses), staff-enforced closures can be the difference between survival and insolvency.

While the recruitment crisis is undoubtedly predicated on the current economic climate, there are several approaches that hospitality businesses can take to alleviate its burden.

Based on conversations with our partners and customers at Klipspringer – and our twenty years’ experience as the leading compliance provider across the complete food industry – we’ve compiled a few solutions for overcoming staff shortages.

Read on to find out what these are.

Solution #1 - Opening Hours

Amid the current crisis, many venues are radically altering their approach to service, placing greater emphasis on improving the treatment of their staff teams, and convenience for their customers.

Crucially, this involves reducing opening hours. While some may be aghast at the prospect of fewer hours, evidence suggests that businesses which optimise their opening hours are less likely to face bankruptcy.

This is because these venues waste less time and resources remaining open during times in which it is not profitable to do so. Pinpointing exactly when these times are is unique to each business, but a good place to start is with an appraisal of peak and non-peak hours, based on a typical day.

When setting opening hours, it is also worth considering the competition, holidays, special events, and – above all – customers. The best way is simply to ask them; release a simple poll or micro-survey enquiring which operating hours would be most convenient for them, via social media, email, or even face-to-face.

Solution #2 - Menus

While menu change is a gamble, it is undeniably necessary in the current climate. As hospitality businesses recognise the need to offer more lucrative staff wages, conditions, and perks, many reach the inevitable conclusion that they must do similar numbers over fewer hours with fewer staff.

For hospitality venues, simplifying the number of menu options available is often easier to manage. During Covid-19, even the largest chains decreased menu offerings to satisfy investors and remain profitable – often without any negative customer feedback.

The benefits of a smaller menu include:

  • Easier to train new employees
  • Faster cook times
  • Higher-quality meals
  • Reduced waste
  • Less inventory to manage
  • Decreased restaurant costs

While removing menu options that have long been cornerstones to a business is hard, it may be a necessary step in staying afloat and profitable. To do so, we recommend five logical steps:

  1. Cost Evaluate the Menu
  2. Categorise Menu Items According to Profit and Popularity
  3. Design a New Menu
  4. Test the New Menu
  5. Implement the Successful Aspects of the New Menu

Solution #3 - Streamlined Systems

With an increasing scarcity of staff, food businesses must ensure that their workplace systems are airtight – whether that be relating to production or service. Re-evaluating and, if necessary, reorganising the efficiency of current systems through the implementation of effective products and services is a crucial step in freeing up employee time for more pressing tasks.

Examples include digital quality management systems, shadow boards, or thermometer probe verification devices. For a specific idea of how product or service implementation can revolutionise large-scale food service, read this case study about how Five Guys improved their standards, efficiency, and compliance using a Food Oil Monitor.

Solution #4 - Culture

When making enquiries amongst the food sector – from hospitality workers and managers to factory production personnel – one factor continues to resurface: culture.

As raised above, the recruitment crisis was festering long before Brexit or Covid. These factors massively catalysed the problem, but were pre-existed by a widespread culture of poor employee treatment.

For years, workers tolerated a culture of extremely long working-hours and undervalued pay due to job scarcity. Zero-hour contracts gave employers the right to fire staff at any moment, a phenomenon seen repeatedly following the initial Covid-19 lockdown.

The ball is now in the other court. Knowing that businesses desperately need qualified, experienced workers, employees simply will not stand for subpar working conditions. Companies which have prioritised employee welfare for years have, unsurprisingly, been least affected by the staff shortages – but many companies are now re-evaluating their priorities. Better late than never.

This article has summarised the factors fuelling the current UK recruitment crisis, and provided some concrete solutions for food industry businesses to implement.

Should you have any enquiries or questions, our knowledgeable team are more than happy to help. Feel free to reach us by phone: 01473 461 800.

Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Commercial Kitchen Show 2022

What is the Commercial Kitchen Show?

We are delighted to announce that Klipspringer will be returning to this year’s Commercial Kitchen Show. As the go-to industry event for decision-makers involved in equipping and running efficient commercial kitchens, CKS is an unmissable opportunity for suppliers and buyers alike.

CKS22 has the makings of the best show yet, with a star-studded line-up of suppliers, hundreds of innovative new products, dozens of informative seminars, and thousands of commercial kitchen decision-makers seeking an edge over their competition.

When and where is CKS22, and how much does it cost?

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September
10:00am–5:00pm (last entry at 4:00pm)
ExCel London (One Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1FR)
The event is free to visitors who register in advance, or £20 entry for those who haven’t pre-registered.

Looking Back at CKS21

Since 2019, we’ve been an ever-present feature at the CKS, solving customer questions with detailed industry expertise, exhibiting new, ground-breaking products, and even winning a prestigious award for originality at last year’s show.

The accolade in question – Commercial Kitchen’s Innovation Challenge Gold Winner – was awarded to our LazaPort Mono thermometer calibrator, with judges labelling it as “a solution to an age-old issue”. Our team of enthusiastic experts are eager to share more details on the Mono with commercial kitchen decision-makers at this year’s show, following its successful implementation at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by Compass Group.

Looking Forward to CKS22

This year, we want to surpass our previous CKS appearances, building on our status as the leading provider of food safety compliance. We’re anticipating that most queries will relate to our specialisms, which include:

  • removing the guesswork from food oil management
  • providing UKAS-accredited temperature calibration services
  • eliminating foreign body risk with durable, metal-detectable equipment
  • increasing the efficiency and accuracy of thermometer checks
  • offering a market-leading range of colour-coded food grade products
  • developing innovative digital quality management systems
  • maximising workplace organisation with visual aids
  • minimising risks, costs, and audit non-conformances
  • sourcing eco-friendly cleaning utensils from ocean plastic

Of these, we are particularly excited to announce EVERSEA® – a brand-new range of sustainable cleaning utensils. Sourced from plastic waste in the Mediterranean, EVERSEA® is a circular economy project which alleviates the astronomical amount (14 million tonnes!) of plastic dumped into our oceans each year.

Projects of this sort are gathering momentum and support across the food and hospitality industry, to the extent that the CKS Team published this press release solely dedicated to the EVERSEA® launch.

Ahead of CKS22 this September, you can also read about how our much-acclaimed Food Oil Monitor used by the likes of McDonalds and Whitbread helps to cut oil usage by up to 52%.

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Klipspringer Announce Attendance at Hotel, Retail and Catering Show

21 – 23 March 2022, Excel London

The Klipspringer team are very excited to be joining over 1500 food service and hospitality suppliers at the Hotel, Retail and Catering (HRC) Show at the Excel London on 21st and 23rd of March 2022. With it being the first HRC Show since 2019, industry professionals are coming back to reconnect with peers and explore the latest technology and innovations out there.

Event Highlights

There’s a host of incredible experiences to explore, watch and take part in, from hosting the UK’s most prestigious cooking competition – International Salon Culinaire, to welcoming the UK’s top chefs and culinary experts to cook up a storm on The Staff Canteen Live. Plus, a Tech X stage where you will see renowned speakers discuss the latest trending topics set to impact our industry for 2022 onwards.

How Klipspringer is supporting commercial kitchens

Klipspringer’s range of innovations takes the guess-work out of food safety for commercial kitchens, helping them to increase compliance, efficiency and cost-saving measures. Some of these include the Food Oil Monitor, the Trakkd Digital Quality Management System and the new Lazaport Mono.

Find out how the Lazaport Mono has helped Mark Reynolds, Executive Head Chef at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, to save time and increase compliance within his team, by watching the video.

Register for your free ticket below!

Re-connect with industry peers and explore new innovations and technologies to drive your operations forward. Be sure to book your ticket below and and meet us on Stand P481.

Generation #3 Launched in the LazaPort Calibrator Series

A new addition to the family

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful LazaPort12 and LazaPort4 models which are already used in hundreds of factories globally, the LazaPort8 is a brand-new addition to the range for factories looking to save time, reduce cost and enhance food safety.

The LazaPort8 combines all the best features of both the LazaPort4 and the LazaPort12, along with several other technical enhancements such as improved energy efficiency, quieter operation and increased temperature stability.

With capacity for multiple infrared thermometers and up to 8 probe thermometers, this 3rd generation model takes the preparation, clear-up and guesswork out of regular equipment calibration checks conducted on site, to ensure that all thermometers are reading within the food safety tolerance required.

Click here to find out how this innovative, next-generation solution will save your site time, cost and non-conformances, whilst impressing your customers and auditors!

Klipspringer Continues to Invest in Innovation with 3D Printing Technology

Klipspringer continues to invest in innovation with 3D Printing technology

True to our mission of making food safety and compliance safer, smarter and simpler, Klipspringer has further strengthened our innovation capabilities by investing in in-house 3D printing technology.

With the flexibility of instant prototypes, intricate parts and customised product designs in just a matter of minutes, our innovation team are flying….

From new product development to existing product refinement, look out for our upcoming product releases, further enhancing standards in the food industry!

Do you have an idea or concept you would like to discuss? Contact our team and we’ll be sure to share it with our innovation team right away.

Explore our latest innovations

Klipspringer Launches New Microfibre Socket Mop

Since it's launch in 2016, the M1417 microfibre socket mop from Klipspringer has gone from strength to strength, making it one of the most popular mops available across industry, and in particular the food sector.

As always, we are constantly looking for ways to further improve our products. Thanks to your feedback, our product development team have been working over the last few months to make this unique mop even better for you.

We are pleased to launch the next generation M1419 Microfibre Socket Mop – exclusive to Klipspringer. This product is stocked in eight different colours for same-day despatch and next working day delivery!

New, stronger thread for handle

We have redesigned the thread connector for handles to make it stronger, as well as easier to fit the handle.

Should you need to apply that little bit of extra pressure to remove more stubborn residues, the M1419 allows you to do so with confidence.

This more robust design is compatible with all Klipspringer threaded handles.

Increased size for quicker mopping

Thanks to input from our team of Lean consultants, we’ve identified that a small increase in the size of the mop will help you complete your mopping requirements quicker. We’ve marginally increased the length of the mop, and changed the material weight from 170 grams to 195 grams. Whilst from an operators perspective this change is almost unnoticeable, it allows a greater area to be covered at any one time, speeding up your mopping process.

Using mops for spillage clear-up? The increased mop head size also allows for an enhanced absorption capacity!

Why use Klipspringer's Microfibre Socket Mop?

  • Traditional string and cloth socket mops move dirt and bacteria around the floor and actually pick up very little. Klipspringer’s microfibre socket mop combines the advantages of the traditional socket mop with microfibre technology – each mop strand picks up up dirt/bacteria and removes it from the floor. This leads to a much cleaner and safer floor, without any additional work!
  • Available in 8 colours to support your colour coding regime: blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, black and white.
  • Next generation M1419 microfibre socket mop the same price as its predecessor (M1417)!

The Hub Introduction

As the UK & Ireland’s leading food safety compliance partner to the food sector, Klipspringer are excited to launch a new online area dedicated to helpful and insightful content for food industry professionals.

Titled ‘The Hub’, we are determined to make this new resource the go-to place for food manufacturing, hospitality, retail and distribution businesses looking to improve their processes and operations.

We’re also highly optimistic that consultants, auditors and food safety inspectors will find it useful to learn about the latest innovations and compliance solutions relevant their clients, with the common aim of enhancing standards and inspiring excellence across the complete food sector.

Featuring new content every week, The Hub is subdivided into four main categories – blogs, help guides, news articles and videos.
Firstly, blogs. Addressing topical questions and the most frequent industry challenges, Klipspringer’s blogs offer plain-English helpful insight and tips on everything from oil management through to temperature mapping. They’re also where you’ll find useful cost guides and comparisons between different industry solutions.
Secondly, help guides and tutorial videos. As a compliance-focused business with a fairly technical product range (not to mention the jargon-heavy food industry), sometimes things need a little further explanation! Our help guide section is where you’ll learn the answers to our most common product and service questions, such as how to verify thermometer accuracy, and a handy jargon-buster for all things data logging.

Next, news articles. From exhibitions through to new product releases, you will find the newest and most exciting news here. Oh, and also occasionally another new staff member or company update. Some will be important, and some less important; nevertheless, we’re sure they’ll always be interesting.

And lastly, our featured videos. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video tells a whole lot more. Watch our latest featured videos in this section, with really useful product demos, customer feedback and also the occasional fascinating insight into how things happen at Klipspringer.

If you have any feedback on The Hub or suggestions on future content, be sure to get in touch with our team using the form below – we’d love to hear from you and promise to get back to you as soon as we possibly can!